Republicans doing o.k. in money race

Bob McDonnell’s campaign raised $2.2 million ($3.5 million on-hand) and Bill Bolling’s campaign raised over $300K this quarter (with $1.3 million in the bank).

In comparison, Terry McAuliffe raked in $4.2 million, Sen. Creigh Deeds raised $600K (but has $1.2 million on-hand) – but spent a large portion of the quarter in session (where fund-raising is not allowed), and Brian Moran raised $800,000 – dropping out of the General Assembly in order to be able to solicit donations (he has $825K on-hand).

Worth noting for the Dems, McAuliffe spent $2.5 million…that’s an incredible amount to already have burnt through. He also only raised about $700K from Virginia sources…where Moran is claiming he raised 90% of his cash here in the commonwealth.

As for Jody Wagner, Bolling’s likely opponent, Jon Bowerbank, and Mark Signer – the Democratic LG candidates, I have not see any numbers as of yet, but would imagine they’re anywhere from $200-600K apiece.

If you take up the sum, clearly Democrats are bringing in more cash…but will it last past the primary?

McDonnell has held several fundraisers with notable national figures: Jindal, Huckabee, Giuliani, Thompson, and McCain to name a few…and more are on the way. Bolling will be holding fundraisers with Newt Gingrich this month and Mitt Romney at the end of May. Bolling also only began fundraising last month, due to the General Assembly being in session and McDonnell only began to raise funds in late February.

Additionally, the Republican Governors’ Association injected $1 million into the gubernatorial campaign.

The real concern for Republicans is whether this is a deep well or large puddle.