McDonnell seeking a deal on Frederick?

Apparently there was a meeting in Albemarle (5th District) this week to discuss such a deal.

Details are sketchy — and I still have to get some primary sources — but it looks like McDonnell feels like he was sold a bill of goods on Frederick’s “embezzlement”.

In related news, it appears that one of the favored candidates for chair by those seeking to remove Frederick is pro-choice.

Apparently Sandy Liddy Bourne – G. Gordon Liddy’s daughter – a name whom some State Central Committee members have whispered as a successor to Frederick, is open about favoring a woman’s “right” to choose. In a 1995 interview with the New York Times, Bourne contrasted herself with her well-known father:

“I’m very different,” she said. “I support a woman’s right to choose, that’s one difference. And I’m more of a fiscal conservative.”

As they say, developing…

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