Nine Unit Chairs Come Out Against Frederick

A letter signed by nine unit chairs was released today calling for new leadership.  The letter was signed by the chairs of Virginia Beach, Fairfax County, Chesterfield County, Chesapeake City, Hanover County, Henrico County, Stafford County, Norfolk City and Rockingham County.

A letter from Fairfax chair Anthony Bedell and the one signed by all other units is after the break.

Dear FCRC Member-

After consulting with our elected officials in Fairfax County, and the FCRC Executive Committee, I have decided that it is in the best interest of the Party to sign a letter asking RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick to resign effective immediately.

As a conservative, I come to this decision with mixed emotions. It has been a long and difficult nine months supporting Jeff but it has become clear to most of us that his lack of positive and constructive leadership has caused severe fragmentation in our Party instead of the healing and unity that we all had hoped would be the outcome of his election. If we are to continue to win Republican seats, recruit and train candidates and send forth a positive message to all of our voters, it is imperative that Chairman Frederick resign now for the good of our Party.  I have great faith in the ability of our Republican family to move forward, respect each other when we disagree and remain faithful to our core Republican principles.

The letter is attached for your review and I am happy to discuss this privately with any member of FCRC.

Anthony Bedell
Chairman, FCRC
[email protected]
Chairman Jeff Frederick
Republican Party of Virginia
901 East Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Jeff:

As fellow conservative grassroots Republican leaders, we urge you to resign as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. After reflecting on recent events, we have concluded that it is time for new leadership of our Party so that we can unify, and win this November.

We have worked tirelessly over the years to build our party, advance conservative ideas, and elect fellow Republicans to local and state office. We have devoted our time, talents and undying commitment to our shared cause. It is with this commitment to our party that we agree with the other grassroots and elected leaders who support a change in leadership.


Kenny Golden
Chairman, Virginia Beach City GOP

Anthony Bedell
Chairman, Fairfax County GOP

Don Williams
Chairman, Chesterfield County GOP

Pete Burkhimer
Chairman, Chesapeake City GOP

Angela Kelly-Wiecek
Chairman, Hanover County GOP

Sheriff Mike Wade
Chairman, Henrico County GOP

Susan Stimpson
Chairman, Stafford County GOP

Pam Brown
Chairman, Norfolk City GOP

Mike Meredith
Chairman, Rockingham County GOP

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