AP: 10 Charges to Jeff Frederick

AP Breaks the Frederick letter

Here is the letter in its entirety for the curious among you. Notice the issues with kickbacks (A reader suggested to me that this was not a correct term – would you deem money paid by the RPV to a private firm that the chairman owns a kickback? I’ll leave it to your judgment.), transparency and breech of security:

Notice of Intent to Remove Jeff Frederick as State Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia

We, the undersigned members of the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia, and in accordance with Article VII, Sections B and C of the Plan of Organization, do hereby call a meeting of the State Central Committee to take place at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 4, 2009 at the Richmond Marriott West, 4240 Dominion Blvd., Glen Allen, VA 23060. An agenda for the meeting is attached.

We further issue this Notice that removal of Jeff Frederick as RPV State Chairman will be sought at said meeting on the following charges:

1. Failure to transmit, in a timely manner, online contributions made to the Republican Party of Virginia and processed by his own company. Withholding 7% of online contributions made to the RPV for a period of weeks during the summer of 2008 after repeatedly assuring the Executive Committee that he was not using his company as a vendor for RPV. [ed. Chairman Frederick called this allegation “False and without merit”. Please see this post which includes a payment to Frederick’s company.]

2. Repeated failure to fully comply with a July 22, 2008 directive unanimously adopted by the RPV Executive Committee to disclose existing and pending contracts with vendors.

3. Unauthorized expenditures of RPV funds for unbudgeted activities without either State Central Committee or Executive Committee consent.

4. Failure to provide members of the State Central Committee with a reasonable time to review and consider the proposed 2009 budget prior to proposed adoption by the State Central Committee. Failure to provide one or more members of the State Central Committee with any opportunity to see the proposed budget prior to the meeting.

5. Disregard for the minimal rights of members of the State Central Committee to participate in discussion and debate at the December 2008 meeting by refusing to recognize numerous members attempting to speak and failing to ascertain the required 2/3 vote necessary to end debate. Lack of transparency in the budget process by giving members less than 36 hours to consider the budget rather than the usual three weeks.

6. Corruption of process by failing to conduct a proper vote on the 2009 budget by (1) beginning, but not completing, either a hand count or roll call vote, both properly called for; and (2) unilaterally declaring the vote result without even a partial count of those in favor and no count whatsoever of those opposed.

7. Failure to “promptly convene” the Appeals Committee upon timely receipt of an appeal of a ruling by the General Counsel.

8. Circumventing the State Central Committee by appointing committees and otherwise assuming Duties clearly prescribed in Article III, Section D. as duties of the State Central Committee without consultation or authorization.

9. Damage to the reputation and effectiveness of the Republican Party of Virginia through refusal to coordinate activities, including campaign messages, with Republican nominees for public office

10. Failure to notify the Executive Committee of a possible breach of security and/or compromise of security of data residing on servers and failure to act promptly to investigate potential breach when requested to do so.

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  • Who released this to the press?

  • What the hell is going on down there in Va?

  • reston libertarian

    FINALLY (so who released the letter?)

    if true:
    Allegations one, two, three, and four are annoying, inappropriate, and need to be fixed but not grounds for removal.

    Allegations five, six, seven, and eight display serious lack of judgment and combined might be grounds for removal. These are easily verifiable.

    Allegation nine is just whining.

    Allegation ten is where the lack of judgment possibly harms other people. I there is a serious problem like this it must be fixed: admit, apologize, and rectify. Anybody whose vote hinges on this item and can prove it has me convinced of the need for removal.

    Other peoples’ take?

  • Good to see this is out. Has he resigned yet???

  • Maximus

    Reston lib, you think siphoning off funds for personal gain–after lying about it–is just inappropriate?

    I think whoever the fiduciary authorities are within RPV (other than the chair) now have a clear-cut case of larceny.

  • Aaron

    This is progress. Now let’s see the evidence, charge by charge.

    It would have been better if this had been openly released by the SCC members doing this. I’d also still like to see the list of people who signed the letter.

  • The quoted letter stated that the 7% fees were delayed, not kept permanently.

    “Failure to transmit, in a timely manner, online contributions made to the Republican Party of Virginia and processed by his own company. Withholding 7% of online contributions made to the RPV for a period of weeks during the summer of 2008.”

    If the fees were paid to the committee and not ultimately retained, then his company was not paid for providing the clearing service, and was then in fact not a vendor.

    Some may recall at the State Convention the temporary chair gaveled down attempts by delegates to get a vote on who would be chair. A much more serious breach of democracy and disrespect for the elected delegates.

  • Lee Talley

    I agree with Maximus. I’d like to see Jeff brought up on charges. That was not his money!

    And if charge 3 relates to the approximately 2400 dollar expense of a office in Northern Va as reported on Too Conservative it sounds like to me he was trying to run his wife’s potential (good luck with that now…) campaign for his delegate seat.

    Come on Jeff supporters he basically peed down your neck and told you it was raining.

  • Aaron Gulbransen

    Aaron, read the Party plan.

  • Aaron

    Aaron Gulbransen:

    I’ve read the Party Plan. I understand very well that 75 percent of SCC has the authority to remove the Chairman. But that doesn’t mean Jeff serves at the pleasure of (75 percent of) the SCC. He serves a four-year term granted by the Convention. If the SCC, exercising its authority on behalf of the Convention, is going to remove him, it owes it to the Convention to give a full accounting for its reasons.

    Putting this out in the open is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. As Bob Marshall suggests in Tim Craig’s Washington Post story, if the people who voted for Jeff last year are not convinced that SCC had good cause to remove him, they could try to vote him right back in at Convention. Even if they fail, it will make for an ugly, ugly Convention.

    The thing to do, assuming Jeff is guilty of all this, is to put all the evidence out there so that no one has any doubts going into Convention. This idea that if 75% of SCC is for it, it must be right — that’s utter crap.

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  • Jerry Fletcher


    Do you (or “all” these convention attendees/Bob Marshall people) really have so much tinfoil around your heads that you think this is a conspiracy?

    Do you really think the RNC committeeman and committeewoman, along with 56 different and otherwise responsible SCC members are just making this up out of whole cloth?

    Because they don’t like Jeff? Because they are mad they lost last year? Because of some arcane power grab?

    Come ON. This is the real world. Where shenanigans and malfeasance can be traced.

    Face it. Frederick is a weasel and lots of good folks got fooled.

  • Aaron

    Jerry Fletcher:

    There are a lot of people who go to Convention who are persuaded by the kinds of populist and ideological arguments made in today’s robo-call. And it doesn’t help the SCC’s credibility that they were vocally — and in many cases condecendingly — against Jeff’s election in the first place.

    As for me, I have and will continue to withold judgement until I see all the evidence. I come neither to bury Jeff nor to praise him. I just want an open process that respects the will of the Convention.

  • Aaron

    And by the way, I think “reston librarian”‘s 10:36pm assesment of the 10 charges was spot-on.

  • John Jackson

    The vote will be higher than 75 percent. He is a toast. He better think about getting a lawyer because larceny is a felony.

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  • M1961

    Gee. There are some campaign processors that charge 10% plus a set up fee. PayPal charges 2 to 4% but isn’t considered to be as reliable or auditable as others.
    When I read these “charges” I don’t see much. Really.
    7% is a bit high, but others (used by the National Republican Committee) charge more.
    What I do see is these people really don’t like Mr. Frederick. As far as the “larceny” comment someone else made, it’s not in these charges, although it is fodder for the imagination. Lesson Here: If you’re a Republican, see how these people act? If you’re a Democrat: You can always count on the Republicans to fight each other.

  • Brad Smith

    I see no one here has really had a merchant account.

    When you accept credit cards online, you always reserve (or delay) some portion of the proceeds as “chargeback” insurance. That is to say, that some percentage of those buyers will get “remorse” for one reason or another and call their issuer to get the charges reversed. This happens quite frequently in the retail world, and although I’d think that political contributions would have a low chargeback rate, whomever was doing the processing likely doesn’t want to lose their merchant account (which is what happens if you get chargebacks with no reserve to cover). Typically you reserve 10% of funds for 30 days (at least I used to). 7% is actually a bit low.

    In summary, if we’re talking about credit card transactions it’s not “larceny” to hold back reserves – it’s good business practice.

    P.S. Oh, and I have 50 bucks that says that most of the SCC doesn’t know how merchant accounts work, either.

  • Can I ask a question?

    Who the hell would ever want to be RPV Chairman after the way we’ve treated the last few?


    Please be advised that the comments from”MAXIMUS” above are not from ccMAXIMUS of The Contemporary Conservative Blog. I will always use cc in front of MAXIMUS to designate an abbreviation of the Contemporary Conservative Blog on which I post.

  • Adam

    Let’s just say for one second that there was zero theft or profit by Frederick. No way do I buy that but even if so:

    Did he not lie his ass off–during his campaign and for months after–about using his own firm(s) once he became Chairman?

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  • I agree with Bob Marshall, an independent commision should be set up to examine these charges. If the commission finds nothing, then the argument to remove Frederick becomes much shallower. If the INDEPENDENT commission finds Frederick guilty of the charges then he needs to be replaced with someone like Chris Judd or Paul Harris. I wonder if the more moderate members of the establishment would support that?

  • O.K.

    Alright you crazies…yeah, let’s set up a Warren Commission…oh wait I thought the Warren Commission was part of the conspiracy…

    God is there no last-ditch effort these Frederick folks will not propose to save their man’s hide?

    Get real. He did these things. There is no cabal coming after Jeff.

    Elected members and those running for office wouldn’t sign on if there was no evidence. They’re trying to save what’s left of the party from an opportunistic hyena. A decent human being would just go away.

  • Deleted by editor. Had nothing to do with the thread.

  • Seriously, what is wrong with an independent commission?

    If Jeff Frederick is guilty of these charges then we should throw him out and replace him with a conservative with management skills, however, if the more moderate members of the establishment are seeking to use this event to grab power back from the conservative grassroots, then there is a problem.

  • O.K.



    Steve Osborne:

    Here’s what wrong with an independent commission to examine the issues revolving around Frederick:

    –It is NOT in the plan of organization of the RPV
    –under the plan of organization for RPV, the entire State Central Committee shall hear a vetting of the charges to remove the Chairman under the Bill of Particulars
    –we are a party of laws, not whims
    –Why not have an “independent commission” to elect the next Speaker of the House of Delegates? Ask Bob Marshall, the constitutional scholar he is, if he would support that initiative.

    This will run its course under the existing rules and processes, and we’ll move on from there and be in position to sweep all three statewide offices this year.

  • I am not saying this to defend Frederick. These are serious charges though, and if the by-laws are interpreted in such a way as to deny an independent commission, then the SCC should be watched very closely.

    Another idea may be for the SCC to call a special election at the convention. That would allow the party’s lifeblood to make the decision.

    I agree though, that with these charges it looks highly unlikely that Frederick will hold the position, however, if he is replaced with a moderate, it will divide the party ahead of a critical election in which we cannot afford to be divided.

  • Christian

    Steve Osborne:

    What part of an-independent-commission-isn’t-part-of-the-party-plan do you not understand? Neither is a special election along the lines of what you’re thinking.

    Really. Read the plan.

  • Aaron

    I have to disagree with Bob Marshall on the specific point of an independent commission. This is indeed a job for the SCC.

    BUT, the SCC needs to do this in a way that satisfies rank-and-file Republicans. That means airing the evidence for all to see BEFORE the April 4 SCC meeting. Grassroots Republicans should have an opportunity to evaluate the evidence for themselves and communicate their desires to their SCC members before the vote to remove the Chairman.

    I think that the SCC is feeling the pressure to move in that direction, resulting in the leak of the 10 charges. I hope the pressure keeps up until all the evidence is out, along with the names of SCC members who are supportng this effort.

  • Aaron,

    Your take on input to the SCC is right. I think that if the SCC does indeed make this decision, then they need to choose a Chairman that the majority of grassroots activists approve of. If a moderate is rammed down our throats it will create division within the party.

  • Aaron

    Regarding the potential of choosing a new Chairman, I hope that SCC chooses a caretaker (Mike Thomas would be fine with me) who would keep the Convention on track and then step aside. The Convention could then choose someone to fill the rest of Jeff’s term.

    The optimist in me looks at the timing of this and thinks that maybe this is what the SCC has in mind. I’d prefer they be more forthcoming on this topic.

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  • If Frederick didn’t commit crimes you’re left with accusations of playing fast and loose with procedure. Basically, intra-party pissing contests.

    Well, the solution is simple.

    If there is “larceny” involved, well then,……………Bob McDonnell IS the Virginia Attorney General. Bring Jeff Frederick up on charges. If they stick and Frederick goes to jail, you win.

    If not, then you face the consequences from a splintering party and voters that will in no way respect you. Put up or shut up.

  • fred glass

    Frederick is an embarrassment and a self important jerk. He’d rather hurt the party than leave when he IS NOT WANTED. Republicans got killed in the Fall 2008 elections in Virginia. He is a poster boy for hatred and intolerance and he will kill us again in Fall 2009 if he is not forced out. Hit the road you bum!

  • JF

    Hey, Britt Howard:

    Wow, what an astute political observer you are.

    Bob M. resigned as AG a good while ago to focus on his run.


    Like any who would still support Frederick now.

  • Republican Teacher

    When will the Frederick drama end? Charges 9 and 10 are enough reasons to remove him. Frederick’s lack of judgment has definitely harmed other people. This is a serious problem that it must be addressed immediately. If Frederick has no explanation, then he must resign or face removal. Frederick’s nearly constant refusal to coordinate activities and stay on any kind of message disturbs me the most. He consistently refused to subordinate himself to anyone on the McCain campaign and proved to be a loose cannon of the highest order. The Obama campaign had no better friend…

  • fred glass

    Whether you are a conservative or a moderate republican, you have to agree Bob McDonnell is so much better than any of the Dems. We are handing the elecition to them with Frederick as the poster boy of the Virginia GOP … not to mention his habit of sticking his foot in his mouth. This needs to end. McDonnell, Cantor and the congressional delegation are correct, he needs to go! Please for our party!!!

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  • Jason Summers

    Jeff Frederick is a proven winner of elections and an effective fundraiser. He is a fighter. Given the decline of the RPV over the past 10 years, it is unbelievable that the party establishment is considering dismissing the fairly selected Chairman of the grassroots delegates. Jeff will certainly challenge the status quo and at times make some of us uncomfortable. Given that the status quo for RPV has recently been losing elections, Jeff Frederick may be exactly what is needed. The question is whether we have the courage for him to take us where the party must go to re-establish its position in Virginia.

    Jeff you have my full support.

  • In that case

    You, Jason, are a complete idiot.

  • In that case?

    When you can’t manage an arguement, do you have to resort to name calling without using your real name?

    Well, “In that case”, at least Jason can make a point and leads with a name.

  • To Jf:

    Fair jab. I deserved that. He did resign.

    However, the point remains the same and need not be tied to who the AG is. If Jeff Frederick is really guilty of a crime, bring him up on charges. If he is guilty and charges stick, Frederick backers will have to admit he had to go and you were right.

    If not, the illuminated shame will be yours.

  • JF

    Last time I checked, making or authorizing payments that aren’t in the approved RPV budget is embezzlement. Like, paying rent on a campaign office in your district so your wife can run for your seat. That would be s-t-e-a-l-i-n-g.

    Theft. Graft. Corruption.

    Similar to lying repeatedly about whether you are a vendor to the party you’re chairing. While operating the website and skimming profits off click-through donations. And reimbursing yourself for tens of thousands of dollars of personal expenses.

    So, yeah, I’d say State Central should press charges on this pond scum.

  • There seems to be answers for the skimming and it looks like the merchant account story goes along the line of truth. I haven’t heard about the $1,300 or so that he is accused of taking being answered.

    Who am I to believe? The answer should be simple. I agree with you. If it is believed that he committed a crime, bring him up on charges. Then us Frederick backers can be told an objective eye investigated this rather than political hitmen.

    The additional beneifit would come of knowing that future chairmen would think twice about helping themselves to the RPV goody basket. They would never know when some political opportunists would come after them with the law. Party money wouldn’t be wasted on perks an unethical expenses. There would be precendence for cleaning house and putting criminals in jail. That’s a good thing.

    So, I agree with you, bring him up on charges. Then we’ll all know the truth. Frederick goes to jail or some of you face slander/libel suits. Future party chairs find out they get watched. It is a win-win!

  • Dan Evans

    I cannot believe we are even having this “conversation”.

    Who else in RPV history has even prompted discussions of criminal charges?

    This ain’t just smoke. Frederick is a lying, thieving, hypocritical figure. He should have never been entrusted with the party’s duties or monies.

  • Who knows Dan? Maybe there has been. Maybe there have been previous “incidents”. We don’t know.

    I say Frederick did nothing wrong and this is a bunch of BS spin and airing of procedural objections. I don’t know but, there might have been past procedural abuse before Frederick held the position. That was ok then though right? Because somebody else was on the losing end? Or maybe there is absolutely NOTHING and this is a political “Hit”.

    As of now, all I see is allegations and the smearing of Frederick’s name.

    If it isn’t “smoke” and crimes DID occur then take legal action.

    Put up or shut up.

  • Fred Newbrough

    What I find interesting is how much a lot of this is sour grapes. As for what I consider the primary charge.

    “Withholding 7% of online contributions made to the RPV for a period of weeks during the summer of 2008 after repeatedly assuring the Executive Committee that he was not using his company as a vendor for RPV. [ed. Chairman Frederick called this allegation “False and without merit”. Please see this post which includes a payment to Frederick’s company.]”

    The only amount that I’ve seen that was withheld was less than $2,000 and if it indeed was only for a period of weeks then what is the fuss about? It was not as if Jeff made any money off this deal.

    I think what needs to happen is we all need to stop this fighting. It is stupid. Jeff ruffled some feathers in his attempt to re-org things and he has made some mistakes but the biggest mistakes I’ve seen have not rested with Jeff Frederick. I remember when many of those attacking Jeff now refused to endorse enthusiastically our Senate candidate, the honorable Gov Jim Gilmore. I remember how the McCain campaign couldn’t decide whether they wanted to fight or bend over. One day they were attacking Obama, the next they were apologizing and saying how great a person he was. I also was surprised about the lack of GOTV and it was in stark contrast to the Obama machine.

    I signed up as a volunteer for Obama so I could monitor what was going on and every week I received a call from a volunteer who was imploring me to get out and help. The Obama folks had several dozen people in Chester every weekend. Sometimes we had none. I know Chester wasn’t in play but I don’t understand what the point of having people sign up if you aren’t going to call or email them. I work 50-60 hours a week traveling and every weekend I could I was out going door to door. I drafted my daughter and son and even took a stroller out when my wife couldn’t keep my two little boys and no one showed up to help. I also worked tirelessly for Gov. Gilmore and had to listen to disgusting Republicans who had been convinced he left the state’s finances in a mess which was an absolute lie but the same petty politics that is on display now in the attacks on Frederick are were on display among many in this state concerning Gilmore. Many of these central committee members did not do their jobs in providing a unified front. They sat by passively and some even added to the fire offering veiled attacks. Never have I been so disappointed except now.

    Come one people, the people we should be fighting are the liberals who are literally destroying the country we love. Someone needs to throw down an olive branch and work something out. Jeff was elected to his term. The allegations up to this point have been specious and rather small. I think Jeff himself could help things by calling a press conference and simply throwing down this olive branch. We need to get our act together and stop just talking about how bad the other guy is because that is a fact but people need to see the alternative they will be voting for.
    We have failed in that respect by equivocating when we should be speaking clearly and confidently on what we believe. Right now what people are seeing more and more every day is an ugly smallness. I’ve never dreamed I’d see some of the stuff from Eric, Bob, and others who I’ve always had respect for. Come on get together behind closed doors and reach a compromise that everyone can live with without crucifying our Chairman over small stuff. Keith Olbermann may call Jeff the “Worst Person in the World” but we shouldn’t be taking up his talking points. The Democrats never would be taking apart one of their own like this especially not a chairman over such weak sour grapes charges. There is no need for this fire. If anyone needs removed it is our National Chair who has seemed to have lost his mind.

  • Well said Fred Newbrough!

    At least some people recognize suicide when they see it!

  • RepubMom

    Could someone explain to me why JF would have a “personal”-type account where RPV funds would go and be “held”? Why would online contributions not go straight into an RPV account? If I read this correctly, someone besides JF needs to be ousted for sheer stupidity in setting up the party’s banking structure. Someone please clear this up as I’m new to the Republican infrastructure.

    And, good job, Fred Newbrough! You are they type of person the party needs more of! Workers!

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  • Ed Drain

    Oh please! If any member of the SCC had any actual evidence of him keeping money, there would be no meeting, no vote, no controversy. He’d be in jail right now. The fact that he isn’t should be enough to poke some holes in your embarassing attempt to steal Mr. Frederick away from his duly elected post.

    The very fact that it took this long for the letter to get out reeks of backroom deals and armtwisting in an attempt at a secret coup.

    The instigators of this shameful power grab ought to think long and hard about how tenous thier positions really are, given that they have likely kicked over the hornet’s nest of thousands of angry delegates who voted Jeff in fair and square.

  • Ed – It is my understanding that “it took this long for the letter to get out” because it was meant to be a private matter between SCC and Jeff Frederick. And angry delegates weren’t there because Jeff Frederick fired them up but because Bob Marshall did.


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