McAuliffe and his chicken waste

Terry McAuliffe released a video yesterday extolling the virtues of chicken waste and methane gas:

Hopefully, one day, he’ll podcast with us to tell us more about the plan, the cost, and the environmental impact, unless, of course, he’s….

  • J.R.,

    As I travel out west I have heard some about the methane capturing by stockyards in those parts. Those who have adopted the practice claim it already makes business sense. They use the captured methane as an energy source for their own operations thus reducing their costs and adding to their bottom line.

    They also claim that if cap and trade is implemented, they will benefit even more by being able to sell their greenhouse gas emissions reductions on the open market.

  • I’m not suggesting it isn’t a viable alternative for yet another energy source.

    I’d just like to know what McAuliffe wants government to do about it…as he is evidently suggesting there is a role.

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