You can’t vote, but here’s a gun for you

So I’m wondering… What, exactly, is wrong with trying to keep guns out of the hands of felons and crazy people? That’s the question that stumped me when I read the brief in this morning’s Richmond Times Dispatch.

I don’t personally have a fondness for guns, but I don’t particularly care if my neighbor- assuming he/she isn’t a violent criminal- packs one. I actually grew up with guns in the house, my father being in law enforcement and all. So, again, I DO NOT CARE if regular, law-abiding citizens have guns. In our democracy, we put some restrictions on who can vote, requiring convicted felons (who have paid their debt to society) to jump through hoops to cast their votes, but we give them a free loophole to buy a gun?

Maybe I’ve missed something, so I’m depending on readers of this blog to give me thoughtful, reasoned explanations for why Virginia lawmakers voted against the latest gun show loophole bill.

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