What does it take for a Democrat to resign?

Democrat Governor Eliot Spitzer says he isn’t resigning, despite hitting the sack with a pricey prostitute. We’ll see. It wouldn’t surprise me, since Democrats have a funny way of not resigning in a scandal.

Despite the medias effort to gloss over this little fact, hiring prostitutes is ILLEGAL. He admitted to breaking the law, and is fine and dandy with keeping his power.

Again, no surprise.

Congressman Dan Rostenkowski was sentenced to 17 months in prison and never resigned his seat. He was defeated trying for re-election.

Congressman Barney Frank hired a male prostitute who proceeded to run an escort service out of the Congressman’s apartment. Frank is still in Congress.

Heck, you can drive a car into a lake and leave a woman to drown and still remain a United States Senator.

Affairs with interns (Gary Condit, not Bill Clinton….although Monica’s tryst with a “cuban” might well be categorized as tobacco abuse – not illegal, but darn well should be).

Republicans are by no means squeaky clean in the scandal department, but more often then not, they have the decency to step down from office, and if they don’t, we Republicans scorn them.

The Democrats never seem to have the same scorn for their embarrassments. They should.

New York has a fine Lt. Governor, a liberal Democrat for sure, but this isn’t about ideology. Lt. Governor David Paterson is an inspiration, blind since the age of 3, he completed his education with a Bachelor’s and a law degree, and with the aid of a companion, he competed in the New York City Marathon.

I’d take that over Client 9 any day.

  • Ragnar

    Hmmmmm –

    What DOES it take to get a REPUBLICAN to resign??

    First, I agree, Governor Spitzer should resign. Now.

    But, I find your scorn towards Democrats nothing but your usual partisan prattle.

    I don’t recall your calling for the resignation of Senator Vitter – the “family values” candidate who also apparently enjoys the company of prostitutes… and is still serving.

    Or, you calling for the resignation of Senator Craig, who likes a little hot man on man bathroom action from time to time (another fine family values candidate), and who continues to serve.

    Or for Scooter Libby, who was responsible for outing an American intelligence agent – and committing perjury. (heck, Scooter even received a pardon for his criminal action).

    Or, Rep. Cunningham who didn’t resign until AFTER he pled guilty to bribery, tax evasion, etc.

    What DOES it take to get a REPUBLICAN to resign??

    Seems at a minimum you should spend a little less time looking around your neighbors house and a little more time worrying about your own. Or how about a little more time railing against ALL politicians, without your typical partisanship for their criminal behavior?

  • Duck

    I hear Spitzer is meeting with a transition team, so it looks like he may be resigning.

    For those of us who know and “love Spitzer” it is no surprise he would balk at resigning. Spitzer does what Spitzer wants and threatens to “steamroll” over his political opponents and/or the public cos he knows what is right.

    He used the state police to investigate Bruno, a political opponent, and blamed it on someone on his staff to protect himself. He told citizens of this state he did not care if we were against driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, he was still going to give the licenses. It was only when Hillary became involved and his poll numbers started plummeting that he finally back off this issue.

    He is (was?) trying to force a new state budget on the state filled with unfunded mandates and economic development (pork) projects.

    When he was NY’s top prosecutor, he vowed to rid the state and City of corruption. Hopefully now he will get rid of the corruption in Albany.

    Spitzer must be warped. His character flaw rivals Narcissus’. He must have known everything he was doing from transferring money between accounts to arranging the liaisons, and paying for sex was wrong, could be tracked, and would end his political career if he was caught. He used to be the pitbull on the other end! He must be extremely deluded. Good riddance!

  • Ragnar, I notice whenever you comment on my posts, you comment about me.

    Do you like me or something?

  • Ragnar

    Well, that’s just weird.

    Are you going all Larry Craig?

    Hmmmm, noticing your lack of a defense for your indefensible position, perhaps pulling a Larry Craig is part of an odd-ball attack? Or is it something more? Hopefully we never meet in a men’s bathroom in the MN airport, I don’t want to know…

  • Ragnar, in order to help you with your reading comprehension, I’ll paste the part of my post that makes your partisan attack comment look so foolish, and why you continue to rack up points on the idiot scale.

    “Republicans are by no means squeaky clean in the scandal department, but more often then not, they have the decency to step down from office, and if they don’t, we Republicans scorn them.”

    I don’t need to defend my post against partisans who lack the skill to actually read it.

  • Ragnar,
    Brian’s got you on this one. You attacked him without even remotely addressing the issue at hand: Spitzer’s blatant disregard for the law and his apparent motivation to stay governor.

    So, in your mind, do two wrongs make a right? This appears to me to be a re-direct.

  • Ragnar

    Really, that’s it? Really?

    A personal attack shouted from your partisan ghetto is all you have to offer? You must be more embarassed about your party than I thought.

  • Ragnar, is that a Ferraro quote?

  • Ragnar

    JR – wait, read what I wrote intially:

    “First, I agree, Governor Spitzer should resign. Now.”

    I thought that was clear enough. Heck, I’d like to see him prosecuted and sent to jail as well. I’m sick and tired of politicians acting like they are above the law. – Or being prosecuted and then receiving a Presidential pardon. If you are a criminal you need to go to jail just like every other member of society. My primary argument here and elsewhere is with the double-standard. We are supposed to be an egalitarian society, yet we are creating this political class who believes that they are above the law.

    While I’m at it, I want to see Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resign and be prosecuted as well.

    My irriation is with BK’s irrational attack upon the Dems. There are two sitting GOP Senators who should both resign – not to mention the whole embarassing Scooter thing. I simply don’t understand the desire to attack the other party – unless it is simply a diversionary tactic (which is all it appears he is doing).

  • In response to the question, it would take a miracle for a Democrat to resign. As for the Spitzer issue, I think that he should resign now. He has no reputation (it’s good as dirt), because when he served as Attorney General, he fought against prostitution rings (how ironic…client #9). This was the same point echoed on WMAL’s Grandy and Andy show this morning.

  • dsbaf

    “There are two sitting GOP Senators who should both resign”

    Very true. And it’s also true that many, many Republicans have gone on record calling for resignations.

    Please point me to an elected Democrat who has called on Spitzer to resign. Someone above city council level, if you don’t mind.

  • Ragnar

    After Sptizer does resign, I wonder if I’ll hear any positives about the move or the Democratic party – or as I predict, the only sound will be the constant droning of Republican partisan spin.

  • Dan Geroe

    I don’t remember anybody calling for Vitter’s resignation. And I was in Washington DC when the scandal broke. Working in the Senate, no less. Yes, Republicans condemned his actions. But did Mitch McConnell call for his resignation? No.

    Larry Craig? Oh yeah, they tried to kick his ass out. But that’s because he was caught with a dude. Had he been caught with a chick, as Vitter was, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The GOP leadership would’ve said “bad dog”, and let the controversy slide into obscurity (just like they’ve done with Vitter).

    I’m just pointing out that Republicans have reacted pretty poorly to their own share of scandals. But Democrats do have one major excuse: we’re in the middle of a very dangerous primary that may split the party in two. What was going on when Vitter was caught? Um…nothing.

  • Dan, I’m surprised! You think having a Primary battle excuses Democrats complete silence to a governor’s breaking the law?

    Rag, funny you’d bring up Vitter, who got his office when a Republican resigned due to scandal. Instead you point fingers exclusively Republicans and, as usual, you totally ignore the Democrats record of ignoring dead women in Massachusetts lakes.

    I think Vitter should’ve resigned, even though the statute of limitations had long past on his prostitution involvement. And there are many Republicans who called on him to do so, despite your lies that none did. Just because it’s not in your MoveOn.org daily update doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    I think Spitzer will resign – as soon as he cuts a deal with prosecutors that let him continue to practics law and avoid jail time in trade. WHOOOO , morality of the Democrats!

  • Ragnar

    BK –

    As predicted, the usual partisan droning from your Republican ghetto. Thank you for not disappointing; you are admirably upholding your role as a minor member of the regional Virginia Beach GOP establishment.

  • As usual, I talk issues and Ragnar gets personal.

    Talk about droning. What ghetto? Are you friends with Geraldine Ferraro or something?

  • Dan Geroe

    It doesn’t excuse them. But it gives them something else to focus the media on.

  • Ragnar

    BK –

    I like your idea of “talking issues” and “not getting personal”

    “Rag, funny you’d bring up Vitter, who got his office when a Republican resigned due to scandal. Instead you point fingers exclusively Republicans and, as usual, you totally ignore the Democrats record of ignoring dead women in Massachusetts lakes.”

    You should join the Clinton campaign staff

  • Nothing in that comment is personal about you, unless you’re a bad Massachusetts driver.

  • Ragnar

    Now that we have seen a Democratic party member, with some sense of shame, take the mantle of responsibility (what there was left after being caught after a criminal act), the question remains for my friends on the other side, how about the Republican Senators who continue in the employ of the US Taxpayer? Have they no character?

    Of course to this, I would like to add a request for Rep. Jefferson’s resignation, which will probably come right after Sens. Vitter and Craig resign…

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