Senate Republicans a national punchline, againPoliticsVirginia

The Virginia Senate’s redistricting maneuver has garnered some national attention. And, true to form, it’s as a punchline — exactly what the GOP was hoping that it would avoid this year through such measures as its “bargain” on social issues that would keep everything above the belt during this session.

Didn’t quite work out as planned…

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To be fair on the Stonewall Jackson point, it was Democrat Creigh Deeds who took to the Senate floor to offer this four-minute econmium on the Confederate General. On Martin Luther King Day.

  • Craig M Kilby

    To be a punch line, it has to be laughable. And frankly, nobody is going to “get” this one. Much ado about typical gerrymandering that has gone on since the earliest days of the Republic. If anybody wants to get really serious about compact, contiguous and community-of-interest districts, (and racial make-up) you’ll have to remove both political parties and their sundry elected office holders to do it. Good luck with that.