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Go Spartans! Beat Carolina!

(Full disclosure…being from Michigan, I am partial to the Wolverines. But for tonight…go Green and White!)

In related news, Cuccinelli won the bracket contest among the statewide office candidates particpating in McDonnell’s March Madness contest.

From the Cuccinelli Compass:

As the Final Four comes to a close, one competition has already closed…

Our Gubernatorial candidate, Bob McDonnell, ran a March Madness pool on his website. So, loving stuff like that, I signed up.

As of today, I am officially going to be the highest scoring statewide candidate in that pool.

I will finish with 94 points (I had UConn beating UNC). Bob McDonnell will finish with 92 points (he had Louisville beating UNC). And Bill Bolling will finish with 82 points (he had Memphis beating Duke).

Because picking the tournament winner is worth 32 points in Bob’s pool, I went back to anyone with 62 points and found no other statewide candidates. So, it’s official!

Update: It seems Politico’s Shenanigans has picked-up on the Bracket story.

  • Kris Amundson

    Very funny. I wish the Spartans well 364 days of the year. Just not tonight.

  • JR Hoeft

    Given the fact that the Spartans were schwacked by Carolina in December, they’re due. :-)

  • Go Heels!

    Also, if UNC wins VA Democratic Party research director Greg Scanlon will win first place over all and will be entitled to a dinner with McDonnell. Gotta wonder what they’ll talk about.

  • Crystal Clear Conservative

    GO CAROLINA!! Way to represent the ACC!

  • Henry Ryto

    Forget Cooch: Henry Ryto will finish with 97 points.

    Also, screw Michigan State: like Bob McDonnell, I had Louisville beating UNC in the Final. The Spartans destroyed our brackets.

  • JR Hoeft

    Well, a North Carolina victory means that Pres. Barack Obama and Del. Kris Amundson will be right and DPVA researcher Greg Scanlon will win a dinner with Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. With North Carolina comfortably in the lead at the half, it looks like that will happen.

    Well…good on Democrats for being able to pick brackets – sure wish they could do a better job with balancing the budget, keeping taxes low, and promoting liberty. :-)

    Seriously, I know Del. Amundson loves her Heels and I couldn’t be happier for her!