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ICYMI: Bearing Drift’s Weekend Roundup

It’s time to catch up with all the great Bearing Drift posts you may have missed so pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the weekend roundup.

Bearing Drift celebrated 15 years as a conservative voice in Virginia with a post from founder Jim Hoeft who looked back on the beginning and how far we have come.

Bearing Drift’s 15-Year Anniversary [1] by Jim Hoeft

The Score: Kurds’ Way, Bursting Bubbles, Cold Snap, November 1963 [2] by Rick Sincere

Planes, Trains, and Autocracy [3], op-ed by Michael Allers Jr.

VPAP Reports Record Voter Turnout for Off-Off Year Election [4] by Lynn R. Mitchell

7 Things to Know About the Impeachment Hearings That Begin Today [5] by Lynn R. Mitchell

DACA Offers a Telling Split Inside the Republican Party [6] by Stephen Spiker

Amidst the Triumphs, Election Day Had Warnings for Virginia Democrats [7] by D.J. McGuire

Making America Great Again [8] by Steven Brodie Tucker

Veterans Day 2019: Thank You To Those Who Served America [9] by Lynn R. Mitchell

Congress returned to the Hill after a week recess so the U.S. House agenda and committee activity schedules are posted on a daily basis as well as notifications of impeachment hearings.

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