The Score: Student Debt and Social Security, LPVA Senate Hopeful, and African Progress

Bearing Drift is pleased to note that longtime contributing writer Rick Sincere is now the host of “The Score.” On this week’s podcast edition….

This week’s guests on “The Score” are Elliott Harding, former legislative director for Congressman Tom Garrett (R-VA5), who first talks about a bill that would reduce students’ debts in return for their deferring retirement and then, later in the program, gives his assessment of Republican Party politics in Virginia; Libertarian Party of Virginia nominee for the U.S. Senate Matt Waters; and Marian Tupy of the Cato Institute, who answers questions about Africa’s economic future.

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“The Score” is also broadcast over the airwaves on WINC 1400 AM and WINC 104.9 FM in Winchester, Virginia. In addition, “The Score” can also be heard around the world on Red State Talk Radio Network, its affiliates, and on its Roku channel and free Android app.

“The Score” can always be heard on demand at Bearing Drift. Or you can take the show with you wherever you go through iTunes.

  • old_redneck

    Will The Score feature a discussion of today’s Fairfax County Republican Party meeting?

    The Fairfax County Republican Party met today to elect a new chairman. And who did they elect? Tim Hannigan. Hannigan defeated Mike Ginsberg.

    And why is this important? Because — Hannigan was supported by Fredy
    Burgos — you know — the same Burgos who claimed Jews should not serve
    in public office.” Mike Ginsberg is . . . you guessed it . . . Jewish.

    Which lead former Del. David Ramadan (R), to sum up the day by
    tweeting, “What a fucking disgrace – the Grand Old Party no more.”

    I’ll bet The Score ignores it.

    • sehar samreen

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    • Bearingdrift Moderator

      “The Score” episode was recorded before the Fairfax County Republican meeting took place, but we can pass the suggestion along.

  • How did you not ask Matt Waters about his being a cheerleader for Trump?

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  • Jim Portugul

    More BS. There is no Social Security “crisis”. The federal government owes the SS Trust about $2.9 TRILLION. SS IS FULLY FUNDED FOR ABOUT THE NEXT 15 YEARS. And, the Republicans just passed a tax cut for the rich plan that rings up another $1.5 TRILLION IN DEBT. Why would they do that if the debt was an issue? And Republicans just approved deficit money that rings up $1 TRILLION IN DEFICIT SPENDING FOR ONE YEAR. Corrupt, crooked, politicians are the problem. As far as I am concerned, there is not one politician in Washington that does not have at least one lobbyist’s hand up their ass moving there mouth for them.

    You want to solve the student loan “fake crisis”? Then stop the federal government from being a co-signer for student loans. Wall St. bank lobbyists have their hand up the politicians asses moving their mouth in exchange for PAC and campaign cash. Student loans are nothing but government subsidization of Wall St. banks.

    “Free Market”? Is a 22% tariff on autos imported into the European Union free market? Is southeast Asia blocking imports free market? Is nearly a half TRILLION DOLLAR ANNUAL TRADE DEFICIT WITH COMMUNIST CHINA “FREE MARKET”?

    According to the CDC, 480,000 people die as a result of smoking related diseases every single year. And you are worried about 30,000 opioid related deaths each year are you?

    Why do you think anybody would tune in to hear about the African economy? Listening to the score just proves that the politicians are not the only one’s who have somebody’s hand up their ass moving their mouth.

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