Gillespie, Pence Serve Up Red Meat in Trump Country

Photo from Mike Pence Twitter.

Virginia Republican nominee Ed Gillespie appeared at a campaign rally with Vice President Mike Pence at the Abingdon Fairgrounds this past Saturday evening. Gillespie, along with his ticket mates State Senator Jill Vogel and John Adams, campaigned in the heart of Trump country with Pence. The event, which had fewer than 500 attendees, was raucous even though the event was smaller than expected.

The rally began with multiple speakers from the southwest Virginia delegation. State Senators Bill Carrico and Ben Chafin, along with Delegates Pillion, Morefield, O’Quinn, and Kilgore, spoke of and promoted Gillespie.

Others who spoke included Congressman Morgan Griffith and former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore. Griffith, the congressman who represents Abingdon, served as the event emcee for the evening. Along with the southwest Virginia delegation, Griffith spoke highly of both Gillespie and the Trump administration. At times, the speakers went out of their way the extoll the administration in Washington.

Gillespie was also joined by his two running mates, Jill Vogel, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and John Adams, candidate for Attorney General. Adams spoke of his military service and heavily emphasized Mark Herring’s unwillingness to defend Virginia law.

Vogel aggressively attacked her opponent, Democrat Justin Fairfax, for not campaigning in southwest Virginia and not “sharing Southwest Virginia values.” Vogel also was very supportive of the Trump administration’s policies, and the impact of those policies on southwest Virginia. She was also eager to mention her support of keeping Confederate monuments in place in the Commonwealth, stating, “We should teach history, not erase it.”

Then Gillespie, along with his wife Cathy, took the stage. Gillespie was eager to talk about energy policy, specifically noting how the repeal of the Clean Power Plan was good for southwest Virginia, and talked about sanctuary cities and Ralph Northam’s beliefs on sanctuary cities.

As Gillespie was introducing the vice president, he was eager to talk about how close he and the VP were as friends. Gillespie also stated his support for many of President Trump’s policies including the repeal of the Waters of America Act and the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.  Gillespie also voiced his support for the Trump tax cut while also talking about his plan to cut taxes in Virginia, then went into detail about how many times he has campaigned with the VP and his support of the Trump ticket in 2016.

After Gillespie’s introduction, Vice President Mike Pence took the stage. Pence was very eager to not only announce his support for Ed Gillespie but also offered the full-throated support of the White House and President Donald Trump.

After noting his support for the Gillespie-Vogel-Adams ticket, Pence began a “greatest hits” of the 2016 campaign speech. He repeatedly promised that he and President Trump would repeal and replace Obamacare. He also said they would cut taxes for the average American family by $4,000. Pence spoke at length about rebuilding the American military and about how Trump had increased defense spending “more than any president since Ronald Reagan.” Pence also went to great lengths to speak about his faith and how we need to pray for our country to heal.

On a personal note, I was slightly surprised to see Gillespie give such a strong endorsement of the president’s agenda as he seemed to go out of his way to convince the crowd that he backed many of the Trump policies. There are many Republicans who don’t support everything that the President is doing in Washington. It’s almost as if moderate Republicans in this day and age are expected to always support the party while there is an overt attempt to persuade Trump voters for their vote.

Also, I have to admit that as much as I love Southwest Virginia, it’s starting to feel more foreign to me. I grew up in Carroll County which is close to where the event was being held in Abingdon. Politically, socially, and religiously, the place that I grew up is beginning to no longer feel like home.

Trump voters aren’t the same kind of Republican as myself. I was taught that there was a “decorum” and a way to act in public when a dignitary came to town. I was taught that politics was a gentleman’s game and that you were to act, dress, speak, and behave yourself when being political.

However, ever since the emergence of Trump, that belief of politics being a gentleman’s sport is long gone. The people are different. The Republican Party that I loved while growing up in Southwest Virginia is changing and less diverse. I saw someone at the rally show up (mind you, the second most powerful man in the United States government, a guy one heartbeat away from the nuclear launch codes, was at the lectern) wearing a shirt with the sleeves cut off, exposed arms and neck with thousands of dollars worth of tattoos, gym shorts, and tennis shoes.

I’m starting to experience culture shock in my own Republican Party.

It is expected I will vote Republican, I’m told I have to vote Republican. Meanwhile, Trump voters have to be catered to. I have a question: When am I going to get catered to? When are we going to stop worrying about coal (not that I don’t support the coal industry, but demand for coal is down; it’s a given fact), and worry more about finding high paying jobs? When is Ed Gillespie going to try to win over the socially moderate millennials who don’t go to the same church or believe the same thing I do?

I expect the comment section to go berserk. However, I have a serious question for the leaders of my party: How do we build a winning coalition when we ignore moderates?

At this point, there are two distinct types of Republicans. There are Republicans who live in more urban areas with moderate values, and then there are Trump voters from rural areas with conservative values.

The first part of this article is meant to be straight reporting. The second part is my personal opinion. How do we decide which voice in the Republican Party is more important? What would happen if moderate voters decided to stay at home if Republicans fully embrace the Trump Administration? We will soon find out.

Photos by Matt Colt Hall (unless otherwise indicated)

  • Enough

    Vote for Northam, he’s a moderate. Send your party a message they need a larger base.

    • SJane

      What is moderate about Identity Politics, promoting criminal elements in Virginia to live an vote, and sticking taxpayers w/the bill?

      • ameri…canwork

        Promotion of criminal elements is one who is of knowledge of it and remains complicit to it.
        Republican Senator Newman
        for sitting on your duff for the past decade and allowing MS-13 to infect Bedford and Campbell Counties through illegal commerce and illegal employment.

        • SJane

          Senator Newman can only follow the laws that come out of Richmond, VA that allows or protects citizens. Report your knowledge to the correct law or county official in your area, write your Representative/Senator for VA and speak out…for starters.

          • ameri…canwork

            That is not true.
            As Senator he can be bring forth proper legislation not to leave it to of dereliction of duty of a Governors appointed Commissioners.
            He as our longest serving Senator and of knowledge of this could be working on Employee Misclassification legislation.
            Nice try though.

          • notjohnsmosby

            Apparently SJaneRottencrotch didn’t see the irony in saying that L’il Tom can only follow the laws out of Richmond – that he is in control of as Senate leader.

          • ameri…canwork

            She is flat incorrect,
            Just as Republican Senator Bill DeSteph also The Tidewater Builders Association Director created and brought fort Legislation,SB483 to block the notification of the use of unlicensed contractors/illegal aliens to DPOR after Governor McAuliffes policy change of July1st, 2015 which brought forth these notifications.

            The 23rd District
            Complicit Republican Senator Steve Newman who’s district seen 200 of these violations issued under Governor McDonnell could create legislation to make Governor McAuliffes policy law.
            The complicit Senator could also create legislation to broaden the Va. Employment Commission audits to extend to Licensed General Contractors who issue the 1099.
            I guess we know the “Americans that don’t want to work” or a not smart enough to complete the task.
            For giggles goggle;
            Rouge Unlicensed Subcontractors Undermine Va’s Legal Workforce
            By Kendrick Ward of
            200 violations, DPOR ran
            a 2.9 Million Dollar Surplus,
            no investegations = Employment Santurary.
            With weak Republicans like that Dems can take a day off. Va has been sold!
            Senator Steve Newman
            signed, one of your constituents.

      • Chris

        Surely you haven’t fallen for the sanctuary cities ads have you? (There are no sanctuary cities in Virginia.)

        • SJane

          Remember when you ASSUME something, you are making an ass out of yourself.
          NO mention of a sanctuary anything in that comment. Criminals were released early in Virginia; some pardoned early for 2016 election, for their (D) votes. Others are allowed to live w/o documentation in Virginia an have voted…noted over 5000 undocumented last count. There are hubs of protection for these “illegals”/ undocumented persons in Virginia….and one person has been convicted of his illegal behavior to register undocumented persons prior to 2016 election…

          • old_redneck

            Let’s bring some reality to this comment.

            I am the long-time secretary of my county’s electoral board. I am active in the Virginia Association of Electoral Boards and assist the State Board of Elections and Dept of Elections on several matters.

            There is not one shred of evidence that “5,000 undocumented” have voted in Virginia. This is a lie promulgated by J Christian Adams, Hans von Spakovsky and Kris Kolbach.

            As for convicted felons voting. Not happening. Governor McAulifee restored en masse the voting rights for over 200,000 FORMER FELONS — half ot them were over age 47, most of them had completed their sentences TEN YEARS OR MORE AGO and all were eligible UNDER THE VIRGINIA CONSTITUTION ot have their rights restored. When the Supreme Court of VA ruled the governor could not restore rights en masse, he then directed the Secretary of the Commonwealth to prepare individual restoration orders — an action that has been going on for several months. IN FACT, Governor McDonnell and AG Cuccinelli started the ball rolling by restoring the rights of almost 10,000 former felons.

            Please provide the identity of the person you claim was convicted of trying to register “undocumented persons.” Surely there’s a newspaper article you can cite.

            You may be referring to the case of Andrew Spieles, 21, was given a 100-day prison sentence in federal court for falsifying 18 Virginia voter registration forms last August. Spieles was a volunteer with a Democratic Party registration drive who, ON HIS OWN, decided to simply fabricate information on voter registration forms rather than actually walk the streets. NOT A SINGLE PERSON was registered to vote as a result of his actions . . . because . . . filling out a voter registration form does not register one to vote. The information on that form is then verified — name, address, date of birth citizenship, felony record, and the like — if any piece of information fails cross-checks, the registration is not processed and the applicant is contacted, must come in person to the registrar’s office.

            Not that we should expect you to know what you are talking about . . .

          • SJane

            YOU are so sure of yourself? YOU are NOT doing and reporting your job correctly…IMO to the citizens.
            -Richmond Times + “JMU Student gets 100-120 days in prison for registering dead people to vote” Andrew J. Spieles admitted to filing the fraudulent registration is August, ahead of 2016 Pres. election for the Democrat Party.
            – Wash. Times: 5,500 illegals registered to vote in Virginia 2016. has same data; Media Matters reported over 5,556 NON- Citizen Voters, along w/Free Beacon; Mother Jones.
            DO YOUR research before you fire-off at someone that has researched and read extensively to better understand this state in 21st Century…
            Because you have a job serving an election board in Virginia, DOES NOT mean you are doing your job well, or w/the interest of ALL Virginia Citizens in mind.
            Will you write a correction of your previous accusation, and note reality bite you?

          • notjohnsmosby

            So, a conspiracy theorist reading right-wing media knows more about voter registration than someone who’s been running elections for decades?

          • mezurak

            If they have been running elections for decades they need to retire along with the lifetime politicians.

          • old_redneck

            Your stupidity gets tiresome.

            You clearly have not concept of what you are talking about . . . typical rightwinger, infected with diarrhea of the keyboard.

            Local electoral boards consist of three people — two from one party, one from the other party. The majority is determined by the party of the voter. Currently, because the governor is a Democrat, local electoral boards have two Democrats and one Republican.

            We are strictly non-partisan and very cooperative. For example — the chair of our county Republican Party told our Republican member she should make certain that all precinct chiefs should be Republicans. The Republican Board member told him to shove it up his ass — we appoint precinct chiefs based on experience and competency.

            I’m one of the Democratic members of the electoral board. The other one is stepping down in February. Last week, the chair of our county Democratic Party told me he was nominating a person whom I know to be a flaming asshole with the IQ of a fence post. I told him, if he nominates that person, I will contact the Circuit Court judge who appoints electoral board members and tell the judge to refuse to appoint the asshole. The Democratic chair cursed at me — I’m now intervening with the judge to put a Democrat on the board whom I know to be a smart, decent, honest person.

            Believe it or not, there really are a lot of us out here who are committed to the ideals of a representative democracy.

          • old_redneck

            The articles and sources to which you refer are reporting the same claim from J. Christian Adams. Every single one of his claims is nonsense and were debunked weeks and months ago.

            There’s a difference between a media outlet reporting what someone claims, and, the final results of investigations into those claims.

            For example — Adams claimed that non-citizens registered to vote. As “proof” he submitted copies of voter registration forms where the registrant checked a box “I am not a citizen,” yet, that person showed up in VERIS as a registered voter (You do know what VERIS is, don’t you — after all, you’re the expert.) As it turned out, in every case, the local registrar had contacted the person involved, discovered the person really was a citizen, had marked the form in error, the person proved their citizenship and was registered. Adams never reported the facts.

          • old_redneck

            Public Interest Legal is run by J. Christian Adams. Of course, you are aware of the fact that an intern — who is a long-time associate of Adams — has now been arrested on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography.

            Had this been an Obama associate, you’d be foaming at the mouth. In this case, silence.

            Have you ever heard of HYPOCRISY?

        • ameri…canwork

          There are no Santurary Cities in Va, you are correct.
          In the 23rd District of Republican Senator Steve Newman as a licensed contractor you can employ crews of illegal aliens as unlicensed subcontractors and even issue and 1099.
          Employment Santurary for Class 6 Felonies does exist.

  • old_redneck

    Have you been asleep for the past 50 years or so?

    The alliance between the Republican Party and the most evil, destructive forces in our society is well-documented. That alliance has led to the GOP now being a coalition of the crazy, the Klansmen, the biblethumper, the “militia,” the Nazi — all controlled by a few uber-wealthy who pay for everything.

    The Chinese have an adage: “When you ride the tiger, it is difficult to dismount.”

    For almost as long as I can remember, your party has been riding the tiger of theocracy, keep women and minorities in their place, the poor are poor because they are lazy and stupid, only straight white men are fit to govern, compromise is evil . . . and now, you are surprised when the tiger is devouring you.

    Given that Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence campaigned for Ed Gillespie this past weekend, and that Gillespie enthusiastically embraced his “friend,” the new article on The Danger of President Pence is particularly timely. I strongly recommend that all Virginia voters read this, to understand more about the man Gillespie finds so appealing.

    Here are a few highlights…er, lowlights . . . from the profile of this extremist nutjob who is one heartbeat away from the Presidency and who is Enron Ed’s BFF..

    Gillespie’s pal Pence is the “corporate right’s inside man.”

    Gillespie’s pal Pence is a “doctrinaire ideologue,” a
    “‘full-spectrum conservative’ on social, moral, economic, and defense
    issues” who “leans so far to the right that he has occasionally echoed
    A.C.L.U. arguments against government overreach; he has, for instance,
    supported a federal shield law that would protect journalists from
    having to identify whistle-blowers.”

    Gillespie’s pal Pence is “extraordinarily loyal to Trump,” so much so that he’s been called “Sycophant-in-Chief.”

    Perhaps most insidiously – and most similarly to Gillespie – Pence
    “has a close relationship with the conservative billionaire donors who
    have captured the Republican Party’s agenda in recent years.”

    That includes the Koch brothers, who were “very excited about the
    Vice-Presidential pick.” No wonder: as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
    explains: “If Pence were to become President for any reason, the
    government would be run by the Koch brothers—period. He’s been their
    tool for years…Pence’s close relationship with dozens of conservative
    groups, including Americans for Prosperity, the Kochs’ top political
    organization, was crucial to his rise.” Pence’s commitment to the Kochs
    is “ironclad.” That’s the guy Ed Gillespie welcome with open arms
    Saturday night in Abingdon. Shudddderrr…

    Gillespie’s BFF Pence is a guy who – seriously – “never dined alone
    with another woman, or attended an event in mixed company where alcohol
    was served unless his wife was present.”

    Pence is a guy who actually wrote an essay arguing that “Smoking
    doesn’t kill,” and that a worse “scourge” than smoking was “big
    government disguised as do-gooder, healthcare rhetoric.” Completely

    Pence also was a member of the Board of the Indiana Family
    Institute, “a far-right group that supported the criminalization of
    abortion and campaigned against equal rights for homosexuals.” Also,
    “while Pence ran the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, it published an
    essay arguing that unmarried women should be denied access to birth
    control.” Again, this is Gillespie’s “friend,” so take from that what
    you will…

    Pence is a guy whose politics “were always way outside the
    mainstream…He just does it with a smile on his face instead of a snarl.”
    Kind of like his pal Ed Gillespie, perhaps?

    In Congress, Pence was – according to “Mike Lofgren, a former
    Republican congressional staff member,” “as far right as you could go
    without falling off the earth.”

    Hold on, it gets even better: “After Barack Obama was elected
    President, Pence became an early voice of the Tea Party movement, which
    opposed taxes and government spending with an angry edge. Pence’s tone
    grew more militant, too. In 2011, he made the evening news by
    threatening to shut down the federal government unless it defunded
    Planned Parenthood…His radicalism, however, only boosted his national
    profile. Pence became best known for fiercely opposing abortion. He
    backed ‘personhood’ legislation that would ban it under all
    circumstances, including rape and incest, unless a woman’s life was at
    stake. He sponsored an unsuccessful amendment to the Affordable Care Act
    that would have made it legal for government-funded hospitals to turn
    away a dying woman who needed an abortion. “

    Pence is, as a tool of the Koch brothers and as a fundamentalist
    religious fanatic, not surprisingly a climate science denier
    extraordinaire: “Pence, who had called global warming ‘a myth’ created
    by environmentalists in their ‘latest Chicken Little attempt to raise
    taxes,’ took up the Kochs’ cause.”

    Last but not least: “In the spring of 2015, Pence signed a bill
    called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” which “essentially
    legalized discrimination against homosexuals by businesses in the
    state,” with “Pence surrounded by monks and nuns, along with three of
    the most virulently anti-gay activists in the state.”

  • SJane

    The Independents are at 40% or higher across the nation, depends on what you read and review polling data. Repubs @ 29-30% and Dems about 30%. Independents are the largest voting bloc to date. Virginia will test the knowledge and responses from its citizens Nov 7, as to who/whom they believe and trust to move Virginia forward in the economy, education, etc….stock market good today 10/16, and shows more opportunity for job growth, and investment opportunities back into businesses across the economy, will this resonant to voters?

    • notjohnsmosby

      The fact that the current Republican President is a white supremacist and, per Republican members of his cabinet, a fucking moron will most likely resonate. Not sure about resonant.

      • MD Russ

        Well said.

  • old_redneck

    Meanwhile, Ms. Transvaginal Ultrasound and Enron Ed are split on inviting Trump.

    A potential campaign visit by President Trump is sharply dividing
    Republicans in Virginia — and pitting running mates Ed Gillespie and
    Jill Vogel against each other.

    On a recent episode of his radio show, Trump’s Virginia co-chair John
    Fredericks reported that lieutenant governor candidate Jill Vogel wants
    the President to campaign for her in Southwest Virginia and would “do
    anything to get him [Trump] here.”

    “I talked to Jill Vogel over the weekend and Jill was excited
    about the President maybe coming to Southwest Virginia and she said look
    I‘ll do anything to get him here. And I think if he comes to Southwest
    Virginia or he comes to Hampton Roads he’s got big support there, huge
    following, I think he can help Gillespie win.”


    Those comments ran directly counter to Ed Gillespie, who has refused
    to invite the President to Virginia. According to the New York Times’
    Jonathan Martin, the Gillespie campaign is deeply divided over
    whether they want — and need — the President to come to Virginia and
    help “jolt his supporters who may have been indifferent about the race
    or uneasy with an establishment-aligned candidate such as Mr.
    Gillespie.” The Trump question has roiled the Gillespie campaign and,
    according to the Times, causing fierce debate and pitting staffer
    against staffer. And Fredericks’ latest revelation that Vogel has
    essentially invited the President to Virginia adds yet another factor
    into the debate consuming the Gillespie camp.

    For Trump’s part, he may not even want to come to Virginia. According
    to Martin, the White House sees Gillespie as a “risk” and “potential
    loser” and “is not clamoring to fire up Air Force One for the trip to

    The feeling may be mutual. In an interview with the Times, Gillespie
    once again struggled to stand against the President — at one point
    blurting out “I don’t know the President!” after being asked about where
    he approved the President’s ethics record.

    No wonder Ms. Transvaginal Ultrasound and NRA A Rating is begging for Trump’s help — her anti-Fairfax ads are falling flat and SW VA is the only place she’s getting any traction.

  • old_redneck

    Meanwhile, Scott Linganfelter openly violates the law by using the official seal of the Commonwealth on his campaign material.

    Harry Wiggins, a resident of the 31st District, has filed a
    complaint with the Secretary of the Commonwealth after his Republican
    Delegate Scott Lingamfelter sent mail that illegally used the Seal of
    the Commonwealth.

    Lingamfelter sent a piece of campaign mail with a faded version of the Virginia seal overlaid with text.

    According to rules set forth by the Secretary of the Commonwealth,
    “the Seals shall not be used in any manner that might reasonably be
    considered as being for a political purpose.” The protocol also states
    that “the Seals shall not be altered or have anything attached to or
    overlapping them, nor are they to be used as a watermark effect or have
    anything printed over them.”

    “It speaks volumes that Delegate Lingamfelter is incapable of following basic directions,” said Keith Brannum, campaign manager for Elizabeth Guzman. “He has violated codified directives and illegally used the Seal to advance
    his own campaigns. Whether due to incompetence or blatant disregard for
    the law, Delegate Lingamfelter should be held accountable for not
    playing by the same rules as everyone else.”

    Silly Brannum — Lingamfelter is a Republican . . . the laws don’t apply to them.

  • MD Russ

    Pardon me, but can anyone name a single sanctuary city in Virginia? Not even the Peoples’ Repubkic of Arlington rises to that definition.

    • Jim Portugul

      Do “unofficial” santuary cities count? Actually, Virginia would certainly make the grade to be considered for “unofficial” santuary statehood.

      Just like the term “Trump’s base” is total BS, so is the term “santuary” city or state complete BS. Just go to Winchester or NOVA or just about any city or county in Virginia and you will find freedom for illegals. Total BS that making it official so as to pick up votes at election time is anything more than granstanding for the media.

      • MD Russ

        Got it. Anything that you can’t understand is total BS. You must be a very unhappy person. Get some help. I mean it.

        • Jim Portugul

          Opps, sorry, didn’t realize you lived in Winchester and are a Spanish speaking asshole.

          • MD Russ

            Now if I could speak Spanish out of my asshole, then that would get me a Las Vegas gig, certainly worth lots of money. And why do you think that I live in Winchester, moron? (That was meant as a compliment since it is how the Secretary of State describes the President.)

          • notjohnsmosby

            That’s not true. He said Trump is a fucking moron, which is a big difference from your garden variety moron.

          • Jim Portugul

            Obviously you believe that there is some difference between say a city with 10,000 illegals than is not officially designed as a sanctuary city, versus a city that has 10,000 illegals that is officially designated as a sanctuary city.
            No difference to me. Words mean little to me these days.

            As for Winchester, go spend a few hours there. Maybe you will figure out what I mean.

    • Jim Portugul

      WOW, you musta peeled a million potatoes in that 25 year military career! Thanks for your service.

  • MD Russ


    Cut off shirts, tattoos, gym shorts, and sneakers? What, no open can of beer in their hand or a Styrofoam coffee cup for spitting tobacco juice into? We used to call these folks trailer trash. Now they are “Trump’s base” and for some reason the Republican “leadership” in the Congress is scared shitless of pissing them off.

    That is why I’m not a Republican anymore and that is why the Republican ticket is going to get slaughtered in November. Am I a snob? No, just someone who respects class and proper decorum.

    • mezurak

      A lot of your trailer trash are urban workers these days. Many others are the military you guys were squawking about getting registered. Some used to have a job but lost it to globalization and moved on. Which could be why no one attended the great snow job in Abingdon. But guess what. Regardless of what you no class BS artists think, in Virginia they are called voters. And many won’t be getting in bed with Ed or incumbents in November. Which is good news for Blues.

      • MD Russ

        First of all, dickweed, I am a 25-year military veteran. We didn’t take trailer trash and when they sneaked in they were tossed out in short order. Second of all, “globalization” of jobs is a myth perpetuated on the low-information voters who think that you can still waltz into a $35/hour manufacturing job with only a high school diploma. That train left the station over 30 years ago. If you want to earn a middle class income, you won’t get it with a high school education. And if you could, you wouldn’t be able to afford a cell phone or HD TV that you are making at your job.

        Wake up, stupid.

        • mezurak

          So, no one cares what you were. All you are now is just one more pompous retiree with a shit disposition. While you are bitching and moaning, take a look at those pictures at the top of this page. Those are the people you are calling trailer trash. They showed up. To Ed’s event. And your unit. Your Trailer Trash.

          Talk about someone being stupid.

          • MD Russ

            More people show up for a turkey fryer demo at Home Depot on Saturday, dumbass. The trailer trash will not elect any statewide candidate in Virginia. Just ask Cooch.

          • ameri…canwork

            Cuccinelli stunk!
            200 violations issued,
            NO INVESTEGATIONS?????
            But DPOR ran a 2.9 Million Dollar Surplus the same year??? Santurary????
            YES, 4 years of criminal Santurary to force out legal Va Employers and Employees. Job Redistribution overseen by the little cuchi.

            OH let’s remove the booby from our State flag.
            How about Boobinelli?

        • FrankUnderwoodSr

          You argue by demeaning people who disagree with you as “Stupid”, “Dickweed”, and “Dumbass”. And then you claim to be “just someone who respects class and proper decorum”.

          What…. a…. hypocrite…..

  • ameri…canwork

    All under previous Republican Governor McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli

    Dear Lord,
    Please deliver us leaders who know Va laws and genuinely desire to enforce them.

  • H G

    How does the GOP build a winning coalition when it avoids conservatives?

    • Chris

      They don’t. That’s why we are cruising towards a loss.

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  • John Massoud

    I’d promised myself to never post on anything written by the Whiner in Chief aka Matt Colt Hall. However since he insists on being a martyr, may we remind him of the following names?

    John McCain, John Kasich

    See, Matt gets his way, but likes to whine – and no it’s not them leaving you Matt, it’s you becoming a RINO and then trashing anyone who disagrees with you.

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