VPOD 19.17. Heather Cordasco with Glenn Marshall

Heather Cordasco (R) is seeking another shot at Del. Mike Mullin (D) in a regular election in the House of Delegates for the 93rd District. Cordasco was narrowly defeated last year by Mullin in a special election for the seat. She joins us on the podcast to talk about her candidacy and campaign.

But first, we were joined by Glenn Marshall of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence to discuss this Friday’s “Manufacturing Day” for Williamsburg-James City County students. This program is designed to showcase careers in manufacturing to the kids, as well as promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). While Cordasco was on the school board, she was a strong proponent of bringing the program to fruition.

Cordasco during the course of our interview also discussed some of her broader initiatives. She is very concerned, as are her constituents, about job creation and economic growth (which is partially why the manufacturing education program is so important), transportation, and improving education.

Specifically, Cordasco supports a state tax deduction for teachers who purchase their own school supplies and reforming the standards of learning by reducing the amount of SOLs required. She also supports the efficient and not extra-legal (not wielding eminent domain unnecessarily) widening of I-64 and improving transportation on I-64 south of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel as that also has a significant impact also on peninsula traffic.

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  • Jim Portugul

    If this Cordasco were a conservative, instead of smiling and doing photo ops with one of the key architects of HB2313, (the largest tax increase in Virginia history) and a power company pawn to boot, and the other guy having been a a K St. lobbyist, and counselor in the failed Bush 43′ administration, intent on wiping out the middle-class, she would be running as fast as she could to get outta the picture.

    That picture is all we need to see and know, just another establishment hack.

  • old_redneck

    Meanwhile, there’s this new poll by the Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at GMU.

    The top-line numbers are Ralph Northam 53%-Ed Gillespie 40%-Cliff
    Hyra 4% among likely Virginia voters. One wonders: If Enron Ed loses by double digits, what does this mean for the HOD elections?

    Among whites, it’s Gillespie 51%-Northam 41%; among non-whites, it’s
    Northam 80%-Gillespie 13%. Among men, it’s Northam 48%-Gillespie 43%;
    among women, it’s Northam with a huge, 58%-37% lead.

    In the D.C. suburbs, Northam is kicking butt at 61%-35%. In the
    Northern Virginia “exurbs,” Northam also is leading big, at 55%-33%.
    Northam leads by 56%-40% in the Richmond area and by 58%-36% in
    Tidewater. Which leaves one area, Southwest Virginia, where Gillespie
    leads, by a 53%-37% margin.

    For Attorney General, Democrat/incumbent Mark Herring holds a 52%-41% lead over Republican John Adams.

    Only 33% of Virginia voters approve of the job Trump’s doing, while
    59% disapprove. The question is, who are these 33% and how many hours of Fox do they watch every day? LOL

    Voters hold a 44%-28% net favorable view of Ralph Northam and a 38%-24% net favorable view of Ed Gillespie.

    As usual, the most important issues in voters’ minds are health care
    and the economy, followed by education, illegal immigration, the
    environment and Confederate monuments (at just 3%).

    By a 55%-37% margin, Virginia voters oppose “banning all abortions
    except in the cases of incest, rape or to save a pregnant woman’s life.” Not that Republicans give a shit what most people think.

    By a 57%-31% margin, Virginia voters support keeping Confederate monuments on government property. So let’s let this non-issue drop, already.

    By a 59%-35% margin, Virginia voters do NOT believe that illegal
    immigration is a problem in their part of the state. Only 14% believe
    it’s a “very serious” problem.” Well, there goes Enron Ed’s MS-13 nonsense.

    54% of voters say Trump will not be a factor in their vote for
    Virginia governor, with 28% saying their vote will in part be to express
    opposition to Trump and 17% to express support for Trump. Again — what is that 17% smoking?

    By a 56%-17% margin, voters believe that Ed Gillespie supports Trump a “great deal” (23%) or “good amount” (33%).

    • Jim Portugul

      Based on the zero accuracy of previous election polls done by Post/Scar, it could very well be argued that Ed may in fact actually be ahead in the governors race based on these numbers.

  • old_redneck

    Steve Scalise, whose life was saved by a lesbian police officer, is scheduled to speak at a convention of anti-gay hate groups. What else should we expect from a Republican.

    When law enforcement officer Crystal Griner and patrolman David Bailey were injured
    taking down the deranged domestic terrorist who opened fire during a
    congressional softball game in Virginia, back in June, they were just
    doing their job. They were protecting the public from harm. How many
    people’s lives they were able to save we cannot know; but one
    person, for sure, owes an enormous debt of gratitude to those
    officers—Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise. Crystal Griner happens
    to be a lesbian, in a same sex marriage. She took a bullet in her ankle
    doing her job. She did it even though Rep. Scalise happens to be a
    homophobic shithead who has attacked same sex marriage since 2008. One
    might think, faced with the harsh reality of possible death, someone
    like Rep. Scalise might see how myopic his previously held beliefs
    surrounding the LGBT community were. You would be wrong.

    There were times when we wondered if House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) would ever speak at VVS again.
    Next week Steve makes a return trip to the biggest
    gathering of pro-family conservatives in the country after a shooting
    that rocked the country. For so many Americans, seeing him back at work,
    defending our values, has been an answer to prayer — and we look
    forward to celebrating his incredible journey back to health next
    Friday, October 13. Don’t miss the Majority Whip and several other
    confirmed speakers, including Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), Michele
    Bachmann, Frank Wolf, the Blaze’s Dana Loesch, Dr. Bill Bennett, Todd
    Starnes, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Oliver North, “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson,
    Brigitte Gabriel, actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo, Dr. Carol Swain, David
    Daleiden, Lila Rose, and more. Don’t miss a weekend in D.C. with
    thousands of fellow conservatives. For just $119 ($50 for students),
    you’ll hear from the who’s who of the conservative movement, as well as
    enjoy a special movie screening from the Sorbos, celebrity book
    signings, media row, radio row, targeted trainings, student activities,
    and access to the full exhibit hall.

    This was an event held on Tuesday for the VVS. VVS is the Value
    Voters Summit if you don’t know. It’s a yearly convention hosted by the
    Family Research Council. Like all things conservative that have the word
    “family” in the title, the FRC is only into a certain kind of “family
    research” that does not include anyone not white and heterosexual and Christian.

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