Corey Stewart’s No Good, Very Bad Week Hits Rock Bottom

Corey Stewart’s campaign has had the worst campaign week on record in recent campaign history, which is saying something. And every bit of it is self-inflicted. But this week’s events may just drive Stewart out of the Governor’s race.

It’s still just March, yet the Virginia press and new media folks have become accustomed to ignoring Corey Stewart’s campaign. His press releases fall on deaf ears, his pleas that Ed Gillespie isn’t a conservative haven’t resonated. His answer last week to the detailed and coordinated rollout of Gillespie’s tax cut plan was a one-off clearly rushed press release declaring he would somehow eliminate all Virginia income tax (no details, specifics or plan, now more than a week later). The only message that seems to have gotten any traction for Stewart’s campaign is he’s against removing a statute in Charlottesville.**

**Even this has struggled to completely resonate, as Stewart has struggled to reconcile his newly discovered passion for Virginia’s history with his praise last year for renaming a middle school named after a former segregationist Virginia governor … in his own county.

Somehow, this week, the media started paying attention to Corey Stewart, outside of removing a statue of Robert E. Lee. And it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Stewart campaign.

The week started off with a widely shared Associated Press article on a Stewart ally’s falsification of a Washington Post headline. Stewart’s one-track campaign -– Robert E. Lee statue -– was reported on by the Washington Post back in February. A Gillespie statement — saying that he opposes removing the statute, there is state law prohibiting removal, but ultimately it’s a local issue — was bastardized by the Stewart ally into claiming Gillespie was okay with removing the statue.

That falsified headline was promoted and pushed across Facebook, until Facebook’s new terms of service required the post to be removed. Undeterred, Stewart’s team pushed it again, and Facebook removed it … again. The Associated Press article put Stewart’s camp squarely on the side of fake news, and ended any further false claims that Gillespie opposes statute removal.

Then, CNN dug into some background, and discovered that Stewart campaign staffers were editing and glorifying Stewart’s Wikipedia page. Negative citations removed, and neutral citations were reworded as positives! (Trump firing Corey Stewart was a good thing!) It’s a stupid story, but it was a stupid move.

Finally, the possible nail in the coffin: Corey Stewart went on Reddit for an AMA (ask me anything). In his pre-prepared opening and introduction, Corey talked himself up, and described Gillespie as a “cuckservative,” a racial slur deriding whites for not being white enough.

The fallout for Stewart’s campaign has been apocalyptic, and growing, as we speak.

The Republican Party of Virginia via Chairman John Whitbeck repudiated the campaign:

“The term ‘cuckservative’ is racist and its use is not acceptable in political discourse under any circumstance. I condemn the use of the term unequivocally and without exception. No Republican should ever use this type of language in a campaign.”

Prince William County electeds are calling for his resignation from his County office:

I am horrified by the dangerous ways Corey Stewart has embraced the white supremacist movement. America was founded on the promise that everyone is equal under the law and has unalienable rights given to us by our Creator. Our nation was built on this revolutionary idea, not on preferring any race or group of people. For Corey Stewart to attack a fellow Republican for not preferring the white race is unconscionable. It should disqualify him as a candidate in the Gubernatorial primary, and it is clearly time for him to step down as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Prince William County.

Former Stewart Chief of Staff Ali Ahmad has distanced himself from his former boss:

“This morning I woke up to read news that someone I have true personal affection for, and a leader whom I have supported and whose record of accomplishment in office I truly respect, use a variation of the term: ‘cuckservative.’ The term is explicitly racist, and just plain gross.”

The Bull Elephant has demanded he drop out:

For Stewart to attack a fellow Republican for not holding the white race in a position of racial supremacy is unconscionable. Such language is not representative of Prince William County, our values, or of Virginians across the Commonwealth. Corey Stewart has disqualified himself as a candidate in the gubernatorial primary.

The Daily Press is reporting on the scandal:

Republican candidate for governor Corey Stewart did an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit Thursday, embracing name calling and the alt-right’s nativist tone.

He also called Bill Clinton a rapist and dubbed Gov. Terry McAuliffe and GOP front runner Ed Gillespie “cuckservatives.”

There is absolutely no spin on this, yet leave it to the geniuses in Stewart’s camp to try.

Of course, they’re citing Wiki, so there’s no telling if they edited it themselves.

A better citation (better, meaning not editable by Stewart’s campaign):

Shaun over at Jeffersonaid has been all over this, and Justin Higgins was one of the first to call for Stewart’s removal from the race, and resignation as PWC Chairman.

It’s Friday, so should Stewart somehow survive this onslaught of bad media coverage, fleeing supporters, drying up donations, etc., etc. … there’s nowhere to go but up….?

  • His argument about what the definition of this word is was completely undermined by his response to the person who asked if he could confirm that Terry McAuliffe is a “cuck.” He responded “CONFIRMED.”

    Unless Corey was implying that Corey’s wife was being unfaithful to him, the definition of cuckservative his people have been pasting all around Facebook all day doesn’t make any sense as applied to McAuliffe.

    • DJRippert

      It’s a stupid term but hardly racist. Shakespearian plays use the word “cuckold” a lot. It’s hard to see The Bard as a racist. As far as I can see, the origin of the term started with Rush Limbaugh calling people “Cuckold Republicans”. As for Terry McAuliffe, I agree with you. His wife is a lovely woman and there is no reason to think she is unfaithful. What Stewart’s comment proves is that he is stupid, uneducated and inarticulate. Where has the art of political insult gone. We used to have “Tricky Dick” and “Slick Willy”. Now we have “Cuck”?

      • When Shakespeare is using it, he’s using it in the actual definition of the world – a man whose wife is committing adultery.

        That’s not what these guys are using the term to mean.

        The problem, the rest of these guys started using “cuckservative” after that word was created and defined by White Nationalists. That’s where it came from. That’s who started using it. They’re trying to give it a definition it didn’t have and mainstream it.

        Why they can’t just call folks RINOs like they’ve been doing forever, I don’t understand. Instead, they have to use these words with clear racial undertones and then retreat to their safe spaces when they’re called on it.

        I do agree with you about Stewart.

        • DJRippert

          I kind of agree. It’s a stupid term. However, it was fist coined by Rush Linbaugh with Cuckold Conservatives and then expropriated by alt-right wingnuts as cuckservatives. I see stupidity, illiteracy, inarticulate communication but racism? Not so sure.

          If the alt-right suddenly started referring to “Schoenemans” as a term for paint balloons to throw at gay people … would you change your name?

          The term is not inherently racist. It is inherently stupid. Let’s stick with stupid and lay that at Stewart’s feet.

          • Don, it wasn’t coined by Limbaugh. It’s been used for a long time in the alt-right circles before Limbaugh said what he said, and even he didn’t actually use the phrase.

            It is both stupid and racist, and they both fit Stewart’s campaign so far, between his nonsense over the Lee statue, his continuing beating of the illegals drum, and now this AMA. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

          • Downstater

            What “nonsense” over the Lee statue? Do you want it removed, or should it stay?

            The “nonsense” is Ed pretending he is against moving it, and then turning around and saying “But C’ville city council is fine to remove it”. Take a stand, Ed.

          • Turbocohen

            Downstater, you took the bait.

          • I don’t want it removed, but it’s not an issue that matters statewide. It’s a local issue for the folks in C-ville to deal with. There are legitimate statewide issues that we can talk about, and Corey ignores those, opting instead for the ones he can spin people’s emotions up over.

          • joeybot

            Because he doesn’t live there, so why should he get involved? You can have an opinion about something, but then let the governance of that thing be left to the people who should be allowed to run their area as they see fit…that USED to be a conservative thought!

          • joeybot

            But the whole point is, if you take a word, turn it into a catchphrase with a specific meaning, you can’t argue about any other uses that sound similar….”cuckservative” might have “cuck” in it, but that’s not what it’s talking about. Cucklold may not be inherently racist, but cuckservative seems to be.

          • Sn0wballz

            Mr. Schoeneman, I don’t expect you to understand things that you have no experience with but you should really stop acting like you do. Cuckservative does not mean anything close to what you think it does. It’s actually hilarious that you’ve been convinced it is related to white supremacy. Just like with Pepe, you’ve been fooled. Stick to what you know.

          • joeybot

            Who’s Mr. Schoeneman? Don’t tell me you did the typical loser nerd internet thing where you frantically Googled “joeybot” and found someone who you thought might be me, and you dropped the name here thinking I’d be all scared or something?

            What a beta cuck you are.

          • Sn0wballz

            No you retard, that guy also wrote on this post and I was responding to him.

          • joeybot

            Huh. Well, I guess that just shows how little I care about what you have to say. Kind of like the rest of the universe.

          • Sn0wballz

            Sounds good, faggot.

          • joeybot

            Aw, you seem like a poor little snowflake. Ooo, you’re so shocking too! You old loser.

          • joeybot

            Also, it shows how dumb you are, because you actually responded to my post,that’s why I can see it from my profile page…I haven’t gone back to the actual page. I guess dopey conservatives don’t know how to use technology. SAD!

            Ha ha, dope.

          • When they start suggesting that you be killed because you’re not adequately defending the white race, you can tell me I don’t know anything about this stuff.

            They did that to me last year.

  • MD Russ

    If the Republicans, by some strange set of circumstances, nominate Stewart then it will be Cuccinelli all over again. Get ready for another liberal Democratic governor.

    • DJRippert

      Gotta agree with that – although the “new Cuccinelli” is starting to look a lot better. Stewart is flat out crazy,

    • Jerel C. Wilmore

      That’s an insult to Cuccinelli.

    • Better comparison would be Gilmore 08′ in terms of votes. But certainly not character or policy.

      • MD Russ

        I agree, except for character and policy. I had “Gimmick” Gilmore and his stupid “Drill Here, Drill Now” slogan in mind when I wrote my comment. The problem is that the Republicans have nominated far too many really bad candidates for statewide office to list them all. George “Macca” Allen is a case in point. That is why a mediocre nincompoop like Tim Kaine is in the US Senate. I just went after the most recent unelectables.

        The best Republican candidate in several decades was Bob McDonnell. And then the Republicans turned on him like a school of parrandas when he imposed a sales tax on wholesale fuel distributors to fix transportation problems. Real smart.

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  • Lee Pillsbury

    Just because I use racist terminology and agree with racist ideology doesn’t make me a racist!

  • Turbocohen

    For the first time in this race, I feel Ed will take well over 3/4 of the primary vote.

    • AnninVA26

      at least.

  • DJRippert

    Stupid term but there are 7 definitions on the Urban Dictionary, none of which imply racism. If you are interested I am sure I can find and send you multiple links to internet videos of cuckolding with all white casts. Cuckold is a very old word that has nothing to do with race or religion. Maybe put down Ann Coulton’s latest book and pick up some Shakespear?

  • Downstater

    First, I’ve never heard of this word and would never have guessed that it was supposed to be racist. come on. I assumed it was Stewart melding the words “cuckold” with “conservative”. Stop the first 10 people you meet on the street in educated N. VA and ask them to define this word.

    This seems to be an attempt to revive the “Macaca” incident in a new form to knock out Stewart for political reasons.

    • Stephen Spiker

      Stewart didn’t invent the term; white nationalists did. Here’s one explaining what the term means, back in 2015 before it reached widespread usage:

      Using the term is a clear signal of white nationalism. Those of us here who have been called the term by white supremacists know this first-hand. Considering Corey’s past, and the audience he was addressing, it seems far more than a coincidence. Simply put, he hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t using the term in its original white nationalist meaning.

      • DJRippert

        You’re just wrong. It was effectively coined by Rush Linbaugh as Cuckold Republicans. Whether White Nationalists use a derivative is utterly irrelevant to me. The term is clear. The term is asinine. But it’s not racist.

        • No, it wasn’t, Don. Rush used the phrase “cuckolded Republicans” at least a week after the Guardian wrote an article on the origins of the word.

          Stop spreading incorrect information because you don’t want to accept that the word had a racist definition.

        • That’s not the word, Don. The word was being used far earlier than Rush saying that, and he didn’t use that actual word, either.

        • Downstater

          Yeah, this is like when the permanently offended call the song “White Christmas” racist.

          • No it isn’t. cuckservative was a term created by white nationalists and pepe meme bros in 2015 mostly as a term of abuse for those conservatives who applied actual conservative principles to various policy issues including immigration.
            The idea being that those people who supported immigration and the factual idea of this country benefiting from immigration were “betraying” their “race” or “cuckolding” it, hence the term.
            I stand in awe that someone who’s been politically active online can go this long without running into the term. In fact I’m going to assume you aren’t arguing in good faith and Spiker’s point #3 applies to you.
            It certainly applies to Corey.

        • Stephen Spiker

          DJ: I posted a link from July 2015. I can post others. There is not a debate over where the term came from.

          Three options exist here:

          1) People who use the term cuckservative are white nationalists;

          2) People who use the term cuckservative don’t realize they’re using a white nationalist term;

          3) People who use the term cuckservative are being too cute by half by signaling support to white nationalists while claiming ignorance and deniability if called out on it.

    • You have been reading this site for how long? You don’t remember the fights Shaun and I had with the racists two years ago when they trotted this out against us? Come on, bro.

      • Downstater

        I can honestly say I never heard of that particular word prior to Corey using it to poke fun at the establishment. I now have several opinions on this and people are not inferring it as racist. If some alt-right group used it, I can’t say, but most people would not recognize it as racist. I thought it was a made up word.

        This is just part of a political vendetta by Ed’s supporters.

      • Downstater

        Also thought it might be a play on the word that you would get if you substituted the letter “o” for the letter “u”, and then shortened the word “servative”. Not a nice word, but with no racist intent.

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  • Downstater

    Friend I asked thought the word was a combination of “Coo-Coo” and the “conservative”. The person thought the idea of it being racist was a non-starter.

    • That’s probably because they don’t know what a cuckold is.

    • joeybot

      I know conservatives who see any brown person and think they’re a terrorist…they say they’re not racist too.

  • Richard Statman

    I would politely say , that there
    Is high life, low life , and , well….whatever
    Corey Stewart is.
    I see Rod Serling telling the audience….
    “Corey Stewart’s about to take a journey ……
    “Up ahead , at the signpost….his next stop
    The Twilight Zone” …..

  • joeybot

    Ha ha ha, what a loser. You can’t be the weenie, fat Trump, you have to try to create your OWN persona!

  • old_redneck

    I hope you all will understand if this liberal Democrat (or something like that) has no sympathy for those of you who are clutching at your pearls and headed for the fainting couch because of comments by Corey Stewart.

    You see, Stewart’s use of an ill-defined insult against a fellow Republican is a mild version of the same thing we Democrats have been absorbing for nearly three decades. Since the advent of Limbaugh, Coulter, Savage (not his real name), and the rest of the rightwing noise machine, we have been on the receiving end of insult piled upon insult, lie piled upon lie, and hate piled upon hate.

    First — I’m 72. Born in SW Mississippi, reared in E Tennessee and SW Mississippi. Born a Baptist, a Democrat and a Southerner, I learned to read and remain a Southerner and a Democrat. I’m a retired Army infantry officer, multiple tours in Vietnam with the medals and scars to prove it..

    Here’s an example of the abuse we Democrats have had piled upon us. The following is quoted from the March 23 Letters column of the Rappahannock Record (weekly, published in Kilmarnock, Lancaster County).

    — quote

    . . . Influenced by decades of cultural decay grossly accelerated by President Obama, Democrats now support the philosophy of “If it feels good, do it,” “no standards or norms,” “no need to accept responsibility,” “the Constitution is

    They’re following the lead and financing of such communists, socialist and racists as George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Bernadine Dohrn, ans Louis Farrakhan. . . . They want one party rule with them in charge.
    . . .
    They’re inspiring felons, student revolts, riots, insults, lies, subversion of government and personal attacks.
    . . .
    — end quote

    I could quote the entire letter but you get the idea.

    Not one word of this letter describes me or the many Democrats I know and have known.

    Meanwhile, 37% of Republicans still believe President Obama was not born in the US; over half still believe Secretary Clinton issued a “stand-down order” during the Benghazi attacks; and over half of Republicans believe 3 million illegal aliens voted in November 2016.

    The problem you Republicans face — and the problem that only you can solve — is the legacy of hate-filled, take-no-prisoners, venom-spewing rightwing talk radio. Republicans are only to happy when the foul
    language is aimed at us; when it boomerangs, well, not so much.

    The Chinese have an adage: When one rides a tiger, it’s difficult to dismount. You folks have been riding the tiger for decades, the tiger is hungry — you’ll have to figure out how to dismount.

    Corey Stewart, Steve Bannon, the “alt-right” are doing to you what they’ve been doing to us for decades. You encouraged Stewart with your acceptance and support of the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, Ingraham, Breitbart, E.W. Jackson, “Benghazi,” “lock her up,” “you lie” . . . he’s your problem, you solve it.

  • The Bull Elephant is calling for him to drop out? That’s his constituency!

    Guess this is about to be Corey Stewart soon.

  • Peacemaker

    Just a thought after reading the post and all of the comments.
    Had the word been used by anyone except Stewart, the argument over it’s roots and meaning would not be highlighted as much. I understand it as a dumb ass racist thing to say, because of the way it’s been used and BY WHOM it’s been used before.
    It’s no coincidence to me that IMHO, Stewart is also a dumb ass racist.

    I’ll never understand how he was ever elected to public office in the first place. This should be not only a look into what he really is, but a wake up alarm to those who supported him that ALSO think for themselves.

    As for those Coulter (and the rest of that insane group) followers…it doesn’t matter. Not only do they not think for themselves…they don’t read either.

    This is one of those rare times I’m going to disagree with a past prediction of Brian’s. 🙂

  • Peacemaker

    PLEASE forgive the slightly off topic same story comment, But…although I am a gun owner, this is dangerous for a potential Governor to use as a fundraising tactic:
    “Hoping to raise his profile, Stewart, 48, has adopted Lee’s statue as a
    cause celebre and deployed showman-like antics such as raffling off a
    semiautomatic weapon to raise campaign cash.”

    This is dangerous on several levels, the least of which is that the Stewart campaign apparently does not understand demographics in Virginia. This stunt might fare well in rural areas, but it won’t in NOVA, HR and Richmond. Dumb ass move.

  • Downstater

    Stewart – Lee – 2017!

  • Sn0wballz

    How is the Urban dictionary a source? This stuff is amazing. Obviously a coordinated attack against Corey Stewart by the VA GOP CUCKS. The people thinking that cuckservative is a “racial slur” have no clue what they are talking about. They are out of touch when it comes to voters and severely out of touch when it comes to certain slang. And don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t expect most of you older gentlemen to understand the term but for god sakes stop creating your own definition! VOTE COREY AND TAKE BACK VA.

  • S Fisher

    Stewart needs to drop out…this is getting ridiculous!

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