Ralph Smith rolls out big endorsement list for 6th District GOP Chairman

Former State Senator Ralph Smith rolled out his endorsement list of 70 Republicans in the Sixth Congressional District. This list includes one member of Congress, multiple members of the General Assembly, grassroots activists, and the best blogger this side of Charlottesville (me, of course). The following press release was provided to Bearing Drift. 

I’m incredibly honored to have 70 respected community leaders publicly supporting my running for 6th District Republican Chair. This list is just beginning and it is growing daily. Please share this with your friends, and if you would like to join our team, click the link below!



Delegate Todd Gilbert
Delegate Chris Head
Tony Wilt for Delegate
Delegate T Scott Garrett
Delegate Kathy J. Byron
Delegate Steve Landes
Dick Black for State Senate
Senator Mark D. Obenshain
Senator Emmett Hanger
Senator Steve Newman
Senator David Suetterlein
Congressman Bob Goodlatte

-Grassroots Leaders-

Georgia Alvis-Long, Augusta County GOP Chair and State Central Committee Member

Jeff Stritesky, Botetourt County GOP Chairman

Christine Broughton, Botetourt County GOP Secretary

Roger Jarrell II, Rockbridge/Lexington/Buena Vista GOP Chairman

Dan Cullers, Rockingham County GOP Chairman

Jean Nelson, Rockingham GOP 2nd Vice Chair

Mark Hodges, Rockingham GOP Secretary

Harry Armbruster, Rockingham GOP Executive Board

Briscoe Dellinger, Rockingham GOP Executive Board

Jon Ritenour, Rockingam GOP Executive Board

Sandy Gates, 6th District Secretary

Wendell Walker, 6th District Republican Chair

Kathy Hayden, Virginia Republican National Committeewoman

Cathy Gause, 6th District Southern Region Vice Chair

Matthew Homer, 6th District Northern Region Vice Chair

Don Huffman, Former Chairman of the Republican Party of

Elisabeth Beamer, former Roanoke Valley Young Republican Chair

Jesse Lynch, Roanoke Valley Young Republican Chair

Emory Cox, Washington and Lee College Republican Chair

Jonah Athey, Liberty University College Republican Chair

Jules Rogers, James Madison University College Republican Chair

Jacob Neff, Bridgewater College Republicans Chair

Alex Boone, Roanoke College Republican Chair

Melzer Jones, Southern Virginia University College Republicans Chair

Cole Trower, 6th District College Republican Federation Representative

Steve Mabry, former 6th District Treasurer

Trixie Averill, former 6th District Republican Chair

Mildred Scott, former Roanoke Valley Republican Women’s Chair

Doris Smith, former First Vice President of Central Republican Women’s Chair

Rhonnie Smith, Lynchburg

Craig Shrewsbury, candidate for Central Region Vice Chair

Kathy Austin, Botetourt County, GOP Activist

Nancy Dye, Roanoke City

Kevin Dye, Roanoke City

Matt Hall, Roanoke City

Jan Lowry, Rockbridge/Lexington/Buena Vista GOP Secretary

Mike Lowry, Rockbridge/Lexington/Buena Vista

Barbara O’Shields, Rockbridge County

Morris O’Shields, Rockbridge County

Dewey Ritchie, Rockingham County, Candidate for National Delegate

Charlie Walters, Roanoke County, Candidate for National Delegate

Nancy Stone, Harrisonburg City, candidate for State Central Committee

Nathan Miller, Rockingham County, candidate for State Central Committee

Nancy Barnett, Shenandoah County, candidate for 6th District Elector

Dan Webb, Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia

-Local Officials-

Jean Shrewsbury, Commissioner of the Revenue, Augusta County

Billy Martin, Supervisor, Botetourt County

Todd Dodson, Supervisor, Botetourt County

Rodney Spickard, Commissioner of the Revenue, Botetourt County

Ken Alger, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Page County

Georgia Assaid, Supervisor, Roanoke County

Joe McNamara, Supervisor, Roanoke County

Ronnie Campbell, Supervisor, Rockbridge County

DD Hinty, Supervisor, Rockbridge County

Chris Billias, Commonwealth Attorney, Rockbridge County

Chaz Haywood, Rockingham/Harrisonburg Clerk of Court

Pablo Cueves, Supervisor, Rockingham County

Dan Murray, Supervisor, Warren County

As our readers will remember, this comes after the rowdy 6th District meeting at the Homestead and the subsequent announcement that current Sixth District Chairman Wendell Walker will not to seek re-election. 

This is a solid list of endorsements. There are multiple conservative heavyweights in the General Assembly; especially Senators Obenshain, Newman, and Black. There is an extensive list of activists from different parts of the district.

The district convention will be held on May 21st in Roanoke. Stayed tuned to Bearing Drift for more coverage on this race.

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