Northam: Kill The Babies (Because They Might Get Sad)


Democratic wannabe Ralph Northam’s campaign has yet to repudiate this disgusting ad done on his behalf, but the sentiment is growing among reporters and activists who have seen this that the “cloak and dagger” third-party ads — easily deniable but obviously directed — go way beyond the pale:

4 in 10 unintended pregnancies will end in termination..

But it’s okay…

Thanks to the ability to choose, children are being spared from the anxiety, and the remorse of being born into families that don’t love them, and having to deal with abuse, or even abandonment

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  These are actual quotes from this disgusting ad celebrating abortion.

Watch the ad.  The first :30 are the worst 30 seconds of your life.

…unless you’re a baby in the womb, in which case you have the right to DIE!!

This is what Ralph Northam believes. Unless his campaign is willing to tell us otherwise.

UPDATE:  …oh this just gets classier and classier.  Guess who Northam had make this ad?  An 8th grader.  For a high school civics class, no less.

At least, so sayeth the comments section on some places…


To review, if you want to put out a scurrilous attack on your opponent… have an 8th grader do it.  Because that means whenever someone questions it, you’re attacking a poor kid.

…nevermind Northam’s total lack of ethics to have an 8th grader carry his water on abortion to begin with — if that story is true at all.

Slick move, though.  Shocked that some Democrats are defending it; not entirely shocked that certain Democrats are…




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