A Conservative Message We Should All See

One of the biggest problems we face as conservatives is our own collective inability to articulate our principles.

When explained in a straightforward succinct manner, conservative ideas are at their base, commonsense. They resonate with Americans and speak to our core values as a nation – our yearning for freedom as individuals and demand for responsible government as a society.

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory, who recently switched political parties, did just this.

This is a powerful reminder of where we have been and where we are going, and it is just as true in Virginia as it is in Louisiana. This simple video is a message that deserves to be shared far and wide.

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  • Wally Erb

    Moving, but distorted. The Senator appears to rely on stereotyping social programs, such as food stamp recipients, as a method devised to control black Americans, Where in reality, according to the Department of Agriculture, based on 2010 census data, about 40 million Americans (in 18.4 million households) receive food stamps.
    Among the food stamp recipients 33% (13.4 million) are white, 22% (8.9
    million) are black, 16.7% (6.6 million) are Hispanic, and 2.8% (1.1
    million) are Asian.
    Almost half (47%) of all Americans who receive food stamps are
    children. Another 8% are elderly. About 20% are disabled.

    But more importantly, the Senator omitted President Truman’s Executive Order 9981. At the urging of African-American activist and leader Philip Randolph, Truman planned ending segregation in the armed forces. Truman did not think it likely that such legislation would make it through Congress. So instead, Truman used an executive order to end military segregation. Executive Order 9981, signed on July 26, 1948, forbade discriminating against military personnel because of race,
    color, religion, or national origin.

    The significance of the Executive order was a major civil rights victory
    for African Americans. Military desegregation was the first major blow to segregation, giving
    hope to African-American activists that change was possible through the Democratic party.

    • Wally Erb

      To continue: subsequent to the Kennedy and during the Johnson administrations after the 1964 Civil Rights Act signing and the Voting Rights Act passage the summer of 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. commented to then President Johnson, “You have created a second emancipation.”

      Subsequently, many of the formerly conservative Democrats (Dixiecrats) switched alliances. After the signing the Civil Rights Act in 1964, Johnson was defeated in five southern states, four of them states that Democrats had not lost for 80 years.

      The historical founding of the Northern abolitionist prevalent Republican party of Lincoln’s era is no more reflective of today’s Republican party as is he contemporary Democratic party reflective of Jim Crow era.

      My opinion is Senator Guillroy is a finger-pointing opportunist by misusing and levering ill-founded racism for personal self-serving political interests. Neither party should embrace his brand of bigotry.

      • David Obermark

        Just a shout out to Wally. You had and will continue to enjoy my vote for any office you choose to run for.

        • David Obermark

          I am going to double post. Maybe Wally will not enjoy my vote (perhaps a kiss of death) and I do not always agree with him. However he has been courageous in leadership, willing to debate with opponents, and has so many qualities that I want in a leader.

          Wally ain’t perfect either. He’s just close enough to get my vote over anybody he runs against.

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  • not a fool

    For the honorable Republican Elbert Guillory, thank you for
    making a brave move.

    • MD Russ

      As a practicing, life-long Christian, I doubt seriously if God chooses sides in political debates. He loves all of us equally. And, BTW, Jesus was a liberal community organizer.

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