Jackson First, Snyder Second to Condemn Transportation Tax Plan

Unequivocal and strong, conservatives commentators and candidates are all piling on what is roundly being derided as a bad deal for Virginia taxpayers.

Have the lessons of HB 3202 and the unconstitutional regional taxing authorities not been learned?

Twelve years we’ve been beating these tax schemes back… what gives?!

  • pinecone321

    The worst part of this is it came from a Republican controlled Gov., Lt. Gov., Atty. Gen., House majority, and a R tie breaker in the Senate. I’ve faulted McDonnell with running out to get something passed, anything. He loudly broadcast to the Dems. that he was willing to raise taxes, with a plan that I understand was thrown together in a matter of days. McDonnell, as the Gov., will wear this around his neck like a ring of fire. If this passes with the legislature, and he signs it into law, he can forget any higher office aspirations he may have ever entertained. Ha, and they had to give the liberals more transportation funds (which was the purpose of the plan) diverted to education in order to get a crap sandwich passed.

    • Completely agree. I have to wonder if “betray” is too strong a word here, but….

      • This is a delusional response to a landmark transportation reform package that is finally aimed at addressing the Commonwealth’s economic crippling 30 year transportation debacle.

        The failure to find – and fund – a serious solution to our roads and traffic congestion dilemna is threatening the entire long term financial stability of Virginia. Democrats control half the state senate, and if we don’t fund at least $2 billion per year in infrastructure improvements that include major capital investments in new roads, bridges and tunnels we’ll repel business growth, force companies out, lose mammoth port business from the widening of the Panama Canal and eventually bankrupt the state due to declining job growth and shrinking pie.

        These soundbites might be politically expedient but they defy political reality, deny logic and decry common sense.

        You can’t fund $2 billion per year from the general fund when we have a divided government. So we can do this conservative alpha male chest beating all day long — but it doesn’t address the problem at hand.

        I commend the governor for displaying the guts to force a real solution in this general assembly session.

        Denial of this compromise is economic suicide for short term “feel good” political gain. I advocate passage of this bill. We need to fix our roads now and we have to pay for it. This bill is not perfect, but it’s a plan nonetheless. Companies will no longer locate to this state — or expand — without a transportaion plan. John Fredericks.

        • Realistically, we only have to be better than Maryland, which isn’t too difficult, since the only business growth that’s happening at all is a direct result of DC spending binges.

          Perhaps a better solution would be for the federal government to pay for the infrastructure that is mainly serving their own agencies and employees/contractors thereof.

        • John, you nailed it man. We CAN do better though.. We can cut pork at other levels and fund roads without increasing sales taxes on everything while removing the fixed gas tax and replacing it with a fuel sales tax.

        • The problem is politicians do not even attempt to cut spending. They never attempt to reduce the size of an ever bloated government. Their first knee-jerk reaction is to scream they need more taxes because the sky is falling.
          Those of us in the real world don’t have that choice. Too often we have to decide on a shrinking paycheck – Do we pay an ever increasing insurance bill, or put new tires on the car? Pay for larger tax bills shoved down our throats, or tell our kids we can’t afford a vacation again this year?
          Wouldn’t it be amazing, just for once, to see a Politician, maybe a Republican Governor, instruct each department, “Reduce your budget by 5%. You find the cuts.”
          Unfortunately politicians live in ‘ObamaWorld’ where they can either print more money or justify to themselves that taxpayers are so stupid we don’t know it is for our own benefit we give more of our hard earner money to Washington and Richmond.
          What amazes me is we have, in Richmond, a Republican General Assembly and Governor, and this *$#& still happens!

  • Not that it matters, but technically Snyder’s release dropped first, then Jackson.Much bigger story is the field now finds themselves running against a (previously?) Popular GOP gov, and that there’s four candidates who need to make a tough call fast.

  • So everyone is coming out strong against this tax increase.. Well don’t taze me bro but if you got big ideas, let’s see some.

  • It’s sad but true. Back in the 80s, we in the Missouri General Assembly and MODOT looked to Virginia as the example of how to run a state transportation system. Sad.

  • You know. This sort of talk from both Snyder and Jackson is leaving me cold. Its just pandering. All the big talk in the world is not going to pave a road or repair a bridge without paying for it. This is just shameful rhetoric that leads people to believe they can have everything for nothing. Just what does it take to wake people up? An entire overpass collapsing on motorists and killing 20 people? Come on people. Wake up here.

    • Talk about irresponsible rhetoric: look in the mirror. The commonwealth has plenty of money for maintenance to existing roads. This bill is about having the cash to build new roads – and rail. This is all about “new”; not about whether or not we can maintain the old.

  • Stimpson email blast earlier tonight also strongly condemned this deal.

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