Obama’s Secret Oath of Office?

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Oh, c’mon, we’ve all got a little bit of conspiracy theorist in us.

Barack Obama will take his second, well technically third, Oath of Office on January 20, 2013. It’s the third because Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed the initial oath in 2009, ironically misplacing the word “faithfully.” The President had to re-take the oath, just to be safe.

As if any of us really feel safe under the Obama Administration. Heck, after the Obamacare decision, I’m not sure we can even feel safe with a Chief Justice Roberts.

This year, because January 20 falls on a Sunday, Obama will take the Oath in private and then take it again in a public ceremony on January 21. And, various news sources are reporting that the media won’t be allowed in.

That whole Sunday thing is going to hack off the atheists who want Obama to omit the words “so help me God.” The words are not required. Since Barack Obama has a history of omitting references to the Creator, maybe he won’t say those words this time and he’ll make them happy. Although, when you don’t believe in anything, what have you really got to be happy about?

I digress.

But why the Oath in private? Not allowing any media?

On the one hand, if you’re paranoid, you could speculate that he’ll say something different. But on the other hand, the Constitution specifies the words he must say.

It’s a curious thing that a man who is adored by, and to a great extent created by, the mainstream media is considering not allowing them to be there when he officially begins his second term.

Maybe it’s as simple as Obama and Roberts getting together and saying “hey, we blew it last time, let’s practice first.”

Conspiracy or not, it’s quite odd that the “most transparent administration in history (TM)” doesn’t want the country to see the second term begin.

Okay, a lot of us don’t want to see the second term begin. But it’s going to happen.

Why can’t we watch?

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