Cuccinelli responds to Bolling announcement

On the heels of this morning’s shocking news that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling has suspended his campaign for the GOP nomination for Governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli released this statement:

“I am honored and proud to have served with the Lieutenant Governor over the last decade, in the State Senate, as running mates for statewide office and as leaders of Virginia State Government.

“Throughout this race, I have kept to the premise that Bill and I are allies in governance, even if temporary competitors in politics. Bill Bolling is a good man — a true public servant who has worked hard throughout his career to make Virginia a better place to live and raise our families. I cannot speak highly enough of his service.

“I will honor the Lt. Governor’s service by campaigning for Governor as we both pledged to govern when we were sworn in, in 2010. I will continue the challenging work of advancing first principles in Virginia’s policy arena by creating an environment for maximizing job creation, preserving life, liberty and opportunity, and working to make Virginia a beacon of hope and prosperity in these tough economic times.”

Also see “Letter from Bill Bolling explains why he’s suspending campaign for Governor” and BREAKING: BOLLING OUT OF 2013 GOVERNOR’S RACE

  • Loudoun GOPer

    Now that is how you make a statement. Ken is a class act.

    • David A.

      For real, this short six sentence statement “wow’s” you? It’s something written by a campaign staffer. Lord knows how you’ll feel IF Cuccinelli gets to make an inauguration speech. It may be the one time you and MSNBC host Chris Matthews have something in common, albeit for different candidates.

      • Loudoun GOPer

        Compared to Bolling’s bitter statement, Cucinelli’s statement is the Gettysburg address.

  • Nathan Miller

    We will be handing over the governorship to the Democrats next year with Cooch as our nominee. Shows the sad state of our party.

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