A clear choice: Romney/Ryan

“America’s Comeback Team” – Mitt Romney (r) and Paul Ryan (l) in Norfolk, VA on the Battleship Wisconsin.

Few Americans can honestly say that they are better off now than they were four years ago. Real unemployment is up, the economy is stagnating, gas prices are far higher, and Americans are still being killed by terrorists overseas.

During this election we have seen much of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in Virginia. Gov. Romney has campaigned with vigor and has laid out a credible case for his election. The President, on the other hand, has focused on tearing down his opponent and assuming the American people will simply trust him for another four years without laying down a second term agenda.

Outlining the failures of this administration over the last four years will soon be the province of historians. Needless to say, from Obamacare to Libya, from massive deficits to the runaway regulation, from 23 million out of work to stifling our domestic energy production the last four years have not been pleasant for most Americans.

And with little real vision for what he intends to do as President for another four years, it is hard for most Americans to be optimistic that they will be better off in another four years of an Obama presidency.

That is why so many began turning to Gov. Romney, recognizing him as a credible alternative to the President. Today, we acknowledge that he is far more than a credible alternative – he is the best person for the job.

Unlike the President, Mr. Romney has laid out a broad vision for the country, and a five point plan designed to get the economy moving again. His economic policy focuses on what the American people have been shouting at government for the last four years – jobs, jobs, jobs.

Gov. Romney’s plan of championing North American energy independence, increasing foreign trade, championing small business through tax reform that will lower rates for all Americans, and reducing the national debt to below 20% of GDP is a solid one. That plan, alone, is more detailed than anything we have yet seen from Pres. Obama during this campaign.

Gov. Romney’s track record in the private sector has been one of overcoming adversity and turning around failing enterprises. The federal government, as mismanaged by Pres. Obama, easily fits anybody’s definition of a failing enterprise. Gov. Romney’s private sector experience, coupled with Mr. Ryan’s understanding of the federal budget and Congress make them a formidable, forward looking team. This team has the ability and the willingness to tackle some of the most difficult problems facing America, from entitlement and tax reform, to comprehensive immigration reform and repairing the damage caused by four years of runaway regulation.

Throughout this campaign, Gov. Romney has focused his attention on the economy. Pres. Obama has bounced from attack to attack, using gimmicks and tired old campaign tricks. Gov. Romney has been talking about creating jobs and increasing economic development; the President has been talking about Big Bird and binders. The difference in the tone of the two campaigns couldn’t be more striking.

This election is as much a referendum on the President’s first term as it is a job interview for Gov. Romney.  Given the abject failure of the Obama Administration in far too many critical areas, it is hard to have any optimism that another four years of Pres. Obama would be any different than the last four.   Fortunately, a vote for Gov. Romney is not simply a vote for “anybody but Obama.”  He is a credible, thoughtful and experienced candidate who has proven that he understands what it takes to create jobs and get our economy moving again.

Bearing Drift is proud to endorse Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States and Congressman Paul Ryan for Vice President of the United States.

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