Allen on Technology: “Reindeer in the server? Elves?!”

Just to show you what a class act George Allen is:

For those of you who participated in the LiveStream open mic with Governor Allen last night, the technical difficulties were enough to make even the most average social media guy scream bloody murder.  Allen kept his humor!

Of course, everyone’s favorite socialist polemicist Lowell Feld didn’t see it that way:

Yesterday evening, George Allen held an online townhall meeting via Facebook. … Allen also jokes about “reindeers” and “elves in the servers,” sarcastically says “let’s do this tomorrow!,”

Anything to get into the Washington Post, eh?

Of course, perhaps Kaine was still snacking on leftovers from Chucky Schumer’s $5K a plate gun grabbing bonanza from last week?  Maybe that’s why Kaine has yet to even engage in a public forum?  But I digress…

This does bring up a couple of interesting thoughts on how social media is being used this year.  Video clips, war room via Tweet, instant debate analysis, etc.

As a tech geek, I’m always latching on to new ideas… and to date, I’m impressed to see candidates wholeheartedly embracing social media nowadays.  That is not something that many campaign managers would have advised even as recently as 2008.

UPDATE:  Hey kids!  Wanna find out how Democrats push the Google rank of a story?  Click here for this left-wing bragging entitled Kicking Ass and Taking Names from a listserv called PopUlist…

So who wrote this screed?  Anyone wanna fess up before a reporter decides it’s worth asking?

 $10 says the DSCC pushes this story… you watch.  We’ll connect the dots for ya.  Do I detect a scandal?

UPDATE x2:  Allen staffers confirm the technical difficulties… said the server went down on three separate occasions.  Ah well, gremlins.  Whaddya do?

UPDATE x3:  An unlikely ally… but deadly accurate.

That screaming noise you hear?  Is Lowell Feld tearing out what little hair he has left on his head.


Let the blow back commence.

UPDATE x4:  Meanwhile, video has been obtained of the rigorous training session Blue Virginia forces upon its contributors…

Bright, shiny objects folks.  Welcome to a liberal’s worldview.

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