Remembering COLE and congratulating SEAL Team Six

According to the Associated Press:

On April 29, Obama approved an operation to kill bin Laden. It was a mission that required surgical accuracy, even more precision than could be delivered by the government’s sophisticated Predator drones. To execute it, Obama tapped a small contingent of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team Six, based in Virginia Beach, and put them under the command of CIA Director Leon Panetta, whose analysts monitored the compound from afar.

What’s all the more gratifying about this operation is that it was the U.S. Navy from Virginia enforcing a punishment a longtime in coming.

Not only was Osama bin Laden the leader of al Qaeda during 9/11, but that organization also perpetrated the attacks on the Norfolk-based USS Cole (DDG 67) a year prior in the Gulf of Aden that killed seventeen Sailors.

According to an advisor to Congressman Scott Rigell, who represents Virginia Beach and Norfolk, the operation brings some sense of justice for USS Cole families.

“A heavy burden of perverse evil has been lifted from humanity,” said Rigell in a statement. “Though terrorism is not dead, and our fight is not over, we may pause to celebrate this historic milestone in our just battle.”

Kudos to SEAL Team Six for carrying out this extremely dangerous operation with no casualties. Once again, the SEALs show why they are the best in the world.

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