New Coles Hill uranium mining video


Don’t let baseless scare tactics and misinformation stand in the way of ending America’s dependence on foreign energy. America imports more than 90% of the uranium we use to fuel nuclear power. The Coles Hill uranium deposit in Southside Virginia is the largest untapped deposit in the United States and could play a leading role in achieving American energy independence. Modern uranium mining is clean and safe. Enough myths. Learn the facts. Trust the science.

  • Bill

    Keep on quoting Dr. Chu.

  • Kat

    Hey, Jim – thanks for the catch. As you may recall, Cole’s Hill is only about 5 miles away from me, so this is of great interest. I’m very much in favor of a good, solid and scientific study to assess the current technology and techniques to mine the uranium out of Cole’s Hill – and if that study comes back unfavorable, then of course I’m against mining (which most of the anti-uranium people don’t seem to understand).

    But if, as I hope, the study came back with favorable results, I’m all for it! Lord knows that Pittsylvania County needs the revenue and jobs and training. All the information I have from the Cole family indicates they want to keep all aspects of this endeavor as local as possible to help out their neighbors and the local residents. Unfortunately, the family has pretty much been demonized locally by the anti-study/anti-EVERYTHING NIMBY people. *sigh*

    I’m going to watch the vid and then, hopefully, post it at CHC – I’ll make sure to link and trackback to you when I do.

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  • Wahoo2

    Hi JR – I have to respond to Kat’s comments about the needs in Pittsylvania County. Any of those very issues she mentioned would only be a temporary, potential fix to any economic troubles and gloomy job forecasts. Most “big picture” analysts are looking long-term, when the mine ultimately would need to be “reclaimed” and when the mill eventually needs to be “decommissioned.” Both of those projects will cost millions and take years to complete. In dealing with facts – not wild speculation or fear factors – one can research the extensive contamination at former mine & mills very easily. The most recent, scientific studies being done on uranium and community health should raise red flags, as this will affect an area greater than one county.

  • Wahoo2

    Quick PS — No one has really talked seriously about who would monitor the underground mine waste and mill tailings — and at what cost — long after the mining has stopped? Taxpayers? Any breach in a liner (in 50 years, in 150 years) would have to be addressed and at what expense? Can you even begin to imagine the enormous amount of mine waste that would be produced? The video fails to mention that recent uranium mining in the US is done by in-situ leaching — NOT the old open-pit mining method, and not in a climate prone to flash-flooding (i.e., I don’t think France has any tropical depressions that sometimes dump inches of rain when they move in from the ocean). And for the video to target individual citizens by displaying them speaking at public meetings is simply in poor taste. Can they – yes. Should they have, probably not. It also, ultimately, serves as an intimidation tactic to try to dissuade anyone from voicing concerns at a public meeting because only a quick snippet of their comments may be used against them. Classic…

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