Friction over Frederick continues amongst RPV factions

With a little less than 10 days left before the Saturday, Apr. 4 showdown at RPV between members of the State Central Committee and Chairman Jeff Frederick, both groups of supporters – those favoring Frederick’s removal and those not – are turning up the heat.

Frederick supporters have been engaging social media networks, including the “non-affiliated” RPV Network (which banned a “remove Frederick” group), trying to gain “polite” demonstrators to attend the McDonnell for Governor kick-off rallies this Saturday.

“It would be really nice if y’all could make a point of going to [the rallies] and urging [McDonnell] to unite the party and do everything he can to end the effort to remove Jeff,” wrote Willie Deutsch, the activist spearheading the effort. “BE POLITE, CIVIL, AND RESPECTFUL. If you are rude it will only hurt our effort.”

Not to be outdone, those seeking Frederick’s ouster have just released another salvo aimed at questioning Frederick’s financial ethics.

On page 37 of the February FEC Form reporting receipts and disbursements, Chairman Frederick receives more than $1500 as reimbursement for mileage and expenses – during the General Assembly session. Sources close to the “remove Frederick” campaign are claiming that this level of reimbursement is 3- to 4-times the amount the political directors are reimbursed monthly for their expenses.

This next week is sure to get interesting.

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