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Trump Campaign Sends Cease and Desist Letter to 5th District’s Good Campaign

Two weeks ago while driving back from Richmond to the Valley on Rt. 60, signs for the upcoming 5th Congressional District primary were all along the roadway.

John McGuire and Bob Good were battling it out for the Republican nomination but what was interesting was that Good had his name on signs that also included Trump’s name.

At that time it seemed like the writing was on the wall as far as McGuire receiving the Trump endorsement so it was surprising to see the Good-Trump combination.

On Tuesday of this week Trump did, indeed, endorse John McGuire. And four days later, on Friday, Trump’s campaign appears to have sent a Cease and Desist letter to the Good campaign.

Dated May 29, the letter noted, “Re: Cease and Desist Falsely Implying that President Donald J. Trump has Endorsed You.”

The 5th Congressional District primary is Tuesday, June 11.

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