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The Principled Side of the GOP: ‘Character Is Destiny’

The Republicans I still respect – most who are now purged from the MAGA-run local units and state committees – are worth listening to as politics play out in 2024. Here are Twitter comments today from two who didn’t forgo their principles or decency when Trump entered the arena.

From Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee:


“We are 6 mos. out from making a consequential decision not only about the direction of our nation, but also about the man who will lead us.

“Leadership, despite the lies we tell ourselves, still matters as does the character of the man who will lead. So, as one man sits in the Oval Office buffeted by doubts about his age while seeking solutions to wars, the economy and the concerns many of us hold, and the other sits in a court room stewing in recriminations and anger, seeking retribution and dictatorship,

“I am reminded of what the Greek philosopher Heraclitus noted:

” ‘Character is destiny.’

“So, for US, the character of our next president will determine our destiny.”

From Liz Cheney, former Republican Congresswoman from Wyoming:


Have to admit I’m surprised that Speaker Johnson wants to be in the ‘I cheated on my wife with a porn star’ club. I guess he’s not that concerned with teaching morality to our young people after all.”

Background: Speaker Johnson attends  Trump’s hush-money trial [1] (ABC News)

Character is destiny….