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View From the Editor’s Desk: Hope

It’s a lovely morning in the central Shenandoah Valley with early temps in the 50s and a lively breeze that is wafting through the open window.

Some of what has crossed my desk the past couple of mornings….

Cardinal News has an in-depth post by reporter Markus Schmidt about the ongoing and contentious battle in the Republican 5th Congressional District primary between incumbent Bob Good and State Senator John McGuire: Shadow of Trump looms large in viciously fought GOP primary battle in Virginia’s 5th District. [1] If you are invested in this race, or just sitting on the sidelines eating popcorn and watching the battle, you will enjoy this article.

VPAP has a map of presidential donations [2] by precinct that shows where the blue and red money is going in the Commonwealth. I found it an interesting source of personal information that included some pleasant surprises.

Everyone is talking about Time’s explosive article, How Far Trump Would Go [3], by staff writer Eric Cortllessa, that brings to mind the Maya Angelou saying, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” Trump has been telling us for months (years, actually) what he intends to do with a second stint as president. In this article, it is laid out step-by-step in plain language.

I found it helpful to read Boston University History Professor Heather Cox Richardson’s “Letters from an American [4]” piece from yesterday as a deeper look into Trump’s plans that are dark and, quite frankly, frightening to freedom and our way of life. In the words of writer Robert B. Hubbell (who writes under the byline, “A reflection on today’s news through the lens of hope”), We Have Been Warned [5]. (In today’s political world, I am always looking for hope.)

Which brings to mind the MAGA GOP’s Project 2025 [6] … a manifesto for a Trump presidency … but that discussion is for another day. (For now let’s just say it does not line up with the RNC’s 2012 Growth & Opportunity Project [7] (aka the GOP autopsy) that, not surprisingly, appears to have been removed from the Trump-RNC website but is safely stored in the Cloud – RNC Growth & Opportunity Project [8].)

On another note….

Keep your religion out of my politics: If you’ve not heard of the City Elders [9] evangelical group that is creeping into Republican committees, perk up your ears because they consider themselves “gatekeepers” for elected officials. City Elders want to vet everyone who runs for public office and be sure they live up to the religious goals the Elders plan to spread.

City Elders leadership carries out a “dominionist” ideology, the idea that all aspects of modern life should be governed by laws based on Christian teaching, according to DNRonline.com [10]. They took over the Augusta County Republican Committee two years ago and are present in several other locations in the Commonwealth, so keep your ear to the ground about who the new folks are piling into your committees. A takeover may be in the works. I don’t care what religion you practice but do not push into my politics.

Keep the faith….