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Saxman: Zoom with Sen. Tim Kaine, and 3 Life Lessons

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine will Zoom with Virginia FREE on Friday April 26th at 4pm.



This week’s column:

Life has taught me a lot of lessons and most of them have been Basic programming.

Do you remember Basic? You know – if then go to.

If this happens then go to this.

If you place your hand on something hot then you remove the hand.

Thanks, brain.

Many other lessons are learned from the teachings of…Others.

Of the many lessons I have learned from Others, this one is one of most memorable:

Never Fry Bacon in the Nude.

Now, it seems obvious and should not have to be said that there is an inherent danger in frying bacon in the nude as there is far more downside than upside in doing it in the first place.

Therefore, when a long time friend – Bill – offered such wisdom, l just laughed because obviously he learned that lesson the hard way and it was a funny visual.

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