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Bolling: Youngkin Picking an Unnecessary Fight?

Why in the world would Governor Youngkin pick this fight? The abortion issue is already hurting Republicans, and this will only make it worse: Youngkin amendment would end state funding for fetal anomaly abortions [1] (Richmond Times-Dispatch).

And what is the fight over? Whether Virginia’s Medicaid program should pay for a very limited number of abortion procedures for poor women whose pregnancies are complicated by “gross fetal anomalies.”

Current state law allows state funding for the termination of pregnancies with severe fetal diagnoses like anencephaly, a birth defect where a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull; and chromosomal issues like Trisomy 13, for which most babies die within their first year.

Last year Medicaid paid $31,851 for 28 such procedures statewide.

In fact, many pro-life leaders support abortion exceptions for rape, incest, gross fetal anomalies, and where the life of the mother is in immediate jeopardy.

Women with private health insurance have access to such procedures, as do women in wealthy families who can self pay, if needed; but poor women, who do not have private health insurance or the ability to self pay, must rely on Medicaid.

I’ve always supported common sense abortion legislation, but this goes too far. You’ve got to pick your fights, and this is not the issue to fight over.