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Saxman: Biden & Trump Win – Super Tuesday Certified

Following the certification by the State Board of Election of the results from Super Tuesday, Democratic Party of Virginia (DPV) Chair Susan Swecker and Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chair Rich Anderson issued this joint statement on March 19th from Sam Miller’s Restaurant in Richmond:

“We don’t agree on much but we do agree that the presidential primary elections in Virginia were fairly and effectively run. Over a million votes were cast on Super Tuesday and today’s certification of the results show that President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump were overwhelmingly preferred by our parties.

Onward to Virginia’s next election on June 18th for federal legislative seats!”

Celebrating the certification of election results is an initiative of Virginia FREE and began last fall when Anderson and Swecker met after the 2023 elections.

Coverage was provided then by the Richmond Times Dispatch: State party leaders show support for Virginia’s elections. [1]

Virginia FREE thanks both Rich Anderson and Susan Swecker for their leadership!