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Bolling: Trump Rejoices, But So Does Biden

Tuesday night, former President Donald Trump won the Republican primary in New Hampshire by a 54-43 margin over former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. But was this really good news for Trump?

Now don’t get me wrong, winning is always better than losing, but the New Hampshire race was closer than many people thought it would be. The important question is why?

In New Hampshire, Independent voters can choose which primary they vote in. Most chose to vote in the Republican primary, and according to exit polls, most chose to vote against Trump. That’s why Haley did better than anticipated.

This is important because it shows that Trump cannot attract strong support from true Independent voters, whose support he must have to win key swing states like GA, PA, MI, WI, CO, and AZ. Trump cannot win the presidency without winning these key swing states.

Is the Republican nominations process over? Not yet, but pretty much. Barring some total disaster, like a felony conviction in one of the many criminal cases pending against him, Trump will be the Republican nominee in 2024.

And guess who is most happy about this? President Biden and Democrats are rejoicing, because they know that Donald Trump may be the only person in America who cannot beat Joe Biden in November.