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Bolling: Trump Calls for ‘Complete and Total’ Presidential Immunity

These are actual comments that former President Donald Trump posted to his personal account on Truth Social yesterday. In this post Trump calls for “complete and total presidential immunity” for any actions taken by the President.

No president has ever been or should ever be above the law.

We do not have an authoritarian form of government in the United States. We do not have dictators who are unanswerable for their actions. We are a nation “of the people, by the people and for the people,” and we are a nation of laws. These laws must apply to everyone, including the President.

A President who does not recognize the limitations on presidential power that are imposed by the constitution and statutory law is a threat to the nation they seek to serve.

I implore Republicans to think long and hard about this.

There are other choices for the Republican nomination for President. If there has ever been any doubt that Trump is not the one to carry the Republican Party’s banner into the 2024 presidential campaign, he erased that doubt with these comments.