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Saxman: Virginia FREE Radio at 3pm

Join WPA Intel’s Amanda Iovino

2021 Pollster of the Year

3pm Friday

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87140767140 [1]

AP Story – Virginia FREE Initiative

Proportional Seating

Outside voices call for ‘long overdue’ ‘good governance’ reform at Virginia General Assembly [2]

Today’s Newsletter

Top Ten – Speaker Johnson, Media Mistrust + Calling Balls and Strikes fairly. The Spinners, Peter Frampton, and Curtis Mayfield + Taylor Dayne [3]

Virginia FREE’s Annual Luncheon

December 20th

The Historic Jefferson Hotel


Reception 11am

Lunch Noon

Adjourn 1pm


Delegate Terry Austin

Delegate Betsy Carr

Delegate Chris Runion

Delegate Rip Sullivan

Delegate Lee Ware

Delegate Vivian Watts

RSVP by reply email

Tables and sponsorships available

Members have reserved seating

This annual event immediately follows Governor Youngkin’s presentation of the Biennial Budget to the Joint Money Committee.

General Assembly members attend as guest of Virginia FREE and the Virginia Free Enterprise Foundation