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Trump Wins the Moscow Primary

The following is the last part of The Moscow [1]  Primary [2],  an irregular [3] series [4] on yours [5] truly’s [6] speculations [7] regarding [8] the views [9] of the 2024 [10] Republican [11] nomination [12] contest [13] from the most [14] important player [15]: the [16] Kremlin.

Why am I wrapping up this series? The reason is simple: the vote is in and Donald Trump is the winner.

When I say, “the vote,” I mean that quite literally. In point of fact, the Moscow primary electorate has only ever had one voter: Vladimir Putin. Last Tuesday, he made his preference clear (PBS [17]).

“We hear that Mr. Trump says that he will solve pressing problems in a few days, including the Ukrainian crisis. Well, this cannot but bring happiness. This is good,” Putin said.

Putin also took the time to lament the numerous attempts to bring Trump to justice.

Trump was as grateful to his voter as expected (Politico [18]).

Former President Donald Trump’s plan to end Russia’s war in Ukraine has a telling supporter: Russian President Vladimir Putin. And Trump is welcoming the praise.

“Well, I like that he said that. Because that means what I’m saying is right,” Trump said in the interview that aired Sunday.

Truth be told, Trump was always the favorite to win. Ron DeSantis kept trying to appease Putin while pretending not to do so. Vivek Ramaswamy entered too late. No one else was interested.

Still, a win is a win. Trump has his first for the 2024 election season. Whether it becomes pivotal or pyrrhic will depend on what the American electorate does next year.