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Fletcher: Day 1 – Old Man Bucket List Road Trip

[Editor’s note: Content partner Mike Fletcher is off on a road trip and Bearing Drift is going along for the ride. Be sure to check back frequently for his updates over the next two weeks.]

Friday, August 18, 2023….

Today begins the great adventure. If you’ve been following, you know that Scott Janney [1], my best friend from Asbury College (now University), and I are embarking upon our Old Man Bucket List Road Trip.

We’ve talked about this for years and it’s finally happening.

Today I traveled to my hometown for overnight. Tomorrow we meet in Kentucky to continue our journey.

You can follow our adventures on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #oldmanbucketlistroadtrip [2] #thereandbackagain [3] #grandcanyon [4] #2023

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