Saxman: #1 Math Problem for Democrats and Republicans; Bill Barr – Great Interview

  1. POTUS 2024 Math problem #1: 1 of 4 Republicans won’t vote for Donald Trump if he is the nominee and and 1 out of 4 Republicans won’t vote Republican if Trump is NOT the nominee.
  2. POTUS 2024 Math problem #2: Democrats are on the verge of their “complex coalition” splitting off into three parties – Dems, Greens, and that poorly branded group No Labels. Remember, the Supreme Court didn’t lose the 2000 election for Al Gore, Ralph Nader did and in 2016, Jill Stein cost Hillary! her victory.
  3. Excellent and informative interview of former AG Bill Barr by Neil Cavuto. Barr examines the cases against former President Trump. MUST WATCH.

  4. Reactions to Rich Men North of Richmond:

  5. Excellent commentary and reflection here:

    The most relatable song in 2023

  1. This February 2009 rant by CNBC’s Rick Santelli launched the Tea Party (RIP). 14 years. Wow.

  2. Bill Maher interviewed Marianne Williamson (D – Insufferable) on his podcast.

    On her environmental activism, Williamson offered that she would consider flying commercial if she becomes the nominee. #Leadership #StayStrong

  3. Midnight Monday is the deadline for candidates to qualify for the first GOP debate this coming Wednesday. Five are in so far:
  4. Anthony Bourdain dropping truth bombs about authenticity and whiskey:

    DO NOT DRINK WHISKEY DURING THE GOP DEBATE THIS WEEK. That is not the proper adult beverage for a debate and being able to function for the rest of the week.

  5. Required reading for all you policy nerds nerdling around here in Election Nerd Disneyland a.k.a Virginia The Fourth Turning Is Here: What the Seasons of History Tell Us About How and When This Crisis Will End


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