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View From the Editor’s Desk: Mother’s Day Is Every Day

A look at the calendar shows the second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day, a time set aside to honor the mothers in our lives. But for moms, Mother’s Day is every day.

Mother’s Day is when our grown kids show up on the front porch with a bag of “get well” foods and soft drinks when you’re sick.

Mother’s Day is when an out-of-state child books a flight home for a long weekend for some family time.

Mother’s Day is when your son and his wife come over to help cut down the huge, dying evergreen in the front yard.

Mother’s Day is a weekly video text reminder from your daughter that it’s Hump Day, or just checking in to say hello.

Mother’s Day is gathering for a picnic on the mountain … meeting halfway between homes for lunch … spending the day at an outdoor museum or park or art display.

Mother’s Day is when little ones create an unexpected “I Love You” card, or pick buttercups from the yard to proudly present to Mommy or crawl onto your lap for an unexpected snuggle.

Mother’s Day is playing video games with the kids … making a blanket tent with the dining room chairs … hiking outdoors looking for butterflies, identifying tree leaves, or lying on a blanket reading out loud.

Mother’s Day is when the family gets together for a birthday, holiday, or just because.

Mother’s Day is sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows while the kids giggle and lick their sticky fingers.

Mother’s Day is every time they hug you or whisper “I love you.” It’s the joy of watching as they grow and learn and spread their wings. Mother’s Day isn’t just that one Sunday in June.

So Happy Mother’s Day today and every day of the year!