Bolling: Biden Announces 2024 Reelection Bid, Majority of GOP Indicates Support for Trump as Their Nominee

Even though only 27 percent of the American people, and only 47 percent of Democrats, want him to seek a second term, President Biden formally announced Monday that he intends to do just that: Biden announces 2024 reelection bid, saying he wants to ‘finish the job.’

Clearly, for Biden this decision was about what he wants, not what the American people or most within his own party wants.

Worse yet, Biden announced that Vice-President Kamala Harris will once again be his running mate in 2024. Harris, who has done nothing to distinguish herself as Vice-President or remotely suggest that she is qualified to serve as President, will remain a heartbeat away from the presidency while serving with the oldest president in American history. That shold keep every American up at night!

All this should be good news for Republicans in 2024. However, with the GOP apparently fixed on renominating former President Donald Trump, who may well be the only person in America that cannot beat Joe Biden, Republicans appear prepared to once again shoot themselves in the foot and destine the nation to four more years of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Oh GOP, how I wish you could get your act together and break the stranglehold that Donald Trump has on your party. The opportunity for victory in 2024 is great, but you seem determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

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