Bolling: Left, Right, Center … Where Do You Stand?

Governor Youngkin says that today’s Republican Party is a big tent party that is open to everyone: Youngkin to GOP activists: Make 2023 a big-tent campaign.

Does anyone really believe that?

I know a lot of traditional “Reagan Republicans” just like me that aren’t at all comfortable in today’s Republican Party. We’re openly branded RINOS by the far right because we do not agree with their ideologically rigid approach to politics and policy. That does not exactly make one feel welcome.

And I can tell you, the younger folks that I teach everyday have a terribly negative view of today’s Republican party, especially young women, Hispanics, and Asians who represent the most rapidly growing demographic groups in the U.S.

Then again, I would certainly not feel comfortable in today’s Democratic Party, which is dominated by left wing extremists that advocate collective liberal policies that I believe are harmful to our nation.

I guess that’s why 60 percent of Americans say they want a viable third party, that is not dominated by the ideological rigidity and mean spiritedness of the left or the right. Which begs the question, if there was a viable third party, led by well recognized and respected political leaders, who advocated a mainstream approach to politics and policy, would you be open to supporting their candidates?

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