Saxman: 2023 Retirement Tracker; 2024 Polling Update; 2025 Look Ahead

Special Spring Break Polling update this Thursday at 4pm. (Friday Zoom cancelled due to Good Friday.)


WPA’s Amanda Iovino will bring us the latest on 2024 POTUS nominations, US Senate race here in Virginia, general mood of the country, and top line reactions to the expected indictment of Donald Trump.

Click here for that Polling Zoom/Slide Deck or hit reply to be added to the weekly Zooms. Just write Add Me. Recent Real Clear Politics average for GOP 2024:


Thinking beyond 2024, let’s look at 2025 possible candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General:



former Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy

Delegate Eileen Filler Corn

former Congresswoman Elaine Luria

Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan

Delegate David Reid

Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney


Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears

Attorney General Jason Miyares

Recent poll on that hypothetical GOP matchup


former Congressman Denver Riggleman

Lt. Governor

There will be many.

Attorney General


Fairfax CA Steve Descano

former Delegate Jay Jones

Henrico CA Shannon Taylor


Delegate Tim Anderson

AG Jason Miyares

General Assembly Retirement Tracker Update with years of service

Senator Dick Saslaw – 48

Senator Steve Newman – 35

Senator Janet Howell – 32

Senator Tommy Norment – 32

Senator John Edwards – 28

Senator John Cosgrove – 22

Senator Lynwood Lewis – 20

Senator Jennifer McClellan – 18

Senator Jill Vogel – 16

Senator John Bell – 8

10 Senators for 259 combined years of service

Delegate Ken Plum – 44

Delegate Kathy Byron – 26

Delegate Rob Bell – 22

Delegate James Edmunds – 14

Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn – 14

Delegate Kaye Kory – 14

Delegate Margaret Ransone – 14

Delegate Matt Fariss – 12

Delegate Roxann Robinson – 13

Delegate Jeff Campbell – 10

Delegate Glenn Davis – 10

Delegate Kathleen Murphy – 9

Delegate Mike Mullin  – 8

Delegate Jeff Bourne – 7

Delegate Dawn Adams – 6

Delegate Wendy Gooditis – 6

Delegate John Avoli – 4

Delegate Tim Anderson – 2

Delegate Nadarius Clark – 2 (running in another district but had to resign to do so)

19 Delegates for 237 combined years of service

29 Incumbents voluntarily retire for 496 combined years of service

There will be AT LEAST 7 more incumbents that will lose primaries with a MINIMUM of 72 more years of service lost.

Grand total will be at least 36 incumbents and 568 years of service.

Thursday’s Zoom On Hold Message courtesy of Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve:

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