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Does Redistricting Have You Confused About What District You’re In? Try These Interactive Maps

Redistricting has been a confusing process for many including myself when, at times, a bird’s eye view of the maps shows some of us living near the boundaries but we couldn’t quite tell exactly in which district we were located.

Here are the maps that help with not only the boundaries but also the ability to enter an address and pinpoint district locations: redistricting_final.pdf (vacourts.gov) [1].

Scroll to the bottom of the third page of the document to find links:

-Delegates map
SCV Final House of Delegates Map (interactive)
SCV Final House of Delegates Map (pdf)

-State Senate map
SCV Final Senate Districts Map (interactive)
SCV Final Senate Districts Map (pdf)

-Congressional map
SCV Final Congressional District Map (interactive)
SCV Final Congressional Districts Map (pdf)

Check the top left corner for a box to enter an address to find a resident’s district. Voila!