Bolling: Virginia American Revolution 250 Commemoration

Jean Ann and I were in Williamsburg last weekend for the kickoff conference of the Virginia American Revolution 250 Commemoration.

We spent the weekend with about 200 other people from all across the country who are committed to promoting educational awareness of the events leading up to the issuance of the Declaration of Independance and the American Revolution.

It started here in Virginia in March of 1773 when Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason, and others formed the first Committees of Correspondence, encouraging their colleagues in other colonies to communicate with one another and work together to effectively air their disagreements with the Crown. Those efforts culminated in the formation of a new nation three years later.

We had a great breakfast discussion with former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. He talked about the fragility of freedom in a democratic system, and the importance of preserving freedom and democracy for future generations. May his closing words inspire us all:

“It is our duty and our obligation to preserve freedom for ourselves and for others. The work of freedom is never done.” -Anthony Kennedy

Virginia’s history truly is America’s history! You can learn more about the Virginia American Revolution 250 Commemoration here: Virginia American Revolution 250 Commemoration – Explore (

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