Local Sci-Fi Confronts The Big Lie

To the extent that science fiction gets any mention at all in the political realm, it usually involves arguments over how “woke” it is. It may surprise non-adherents to know that there has been a culture war roiling through “sci-fi” since the mid-2010s, when the “Sad Puppies” began complaining about the leftward shift in the Hugo Awards. Yours truly has been attending sci-fi conventions since 2012, giving me more visibility into this than the average political junkie.

As it happens, one of the local Hampton Roads conventions (MarsCon) has invited the Sad Puppies founder, Larry Correia, to be the Author Guest of Honor for 2024 (MarsCon is held in January). Controversy ensued, in no small part because Correia has acquired fans who enjoy dropping hints of violence upon his critics. Unfortunately, the usual cycle – some raise concerns (full disclosure: I have friends among the some); the guest responds in outrage; the guest’s fans talk about violence; the guest insists he has nothing to do with the talk of violence even as it sparks new concerns – is already well under way.

What makes this one different is January 6 and the Big Lie.

If you go to Correia’s website and dig deep enough, you can find plenty of election denialism. Here are a couple screenshots.




But wait, there’s more.

This is how Correia views January 6.

This isn’t reacting to “woke politics in sci fi.” This is glorifying a violent insurrection attempt. It should have no place in politics – and those who espouse it should have no place in polite society.

Sadly, this is yet one more consequence of the Big Lie and its aftermath. Not only has it spread way too far into the Republican Party, but it’s also seeping into the rest of society.

Science Fiction is usually about the future. Unfortunately, a local convention has now forced the community to look back at January 6.

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