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Bolling: As a Member of Congress, Good Should Know Better When Throwing Red Meat

Former Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

Bob Good may be one of the most uninformed members of the U. S. Congress: Rep. Bob Good prepares for debt-ceiling brawl after McCarthy showdown [1].

In this article he says, “All we got to do is cut the discretionary spending to stay within our provisions…” Umm, not quite Bob!

Folks, here are the facts. Discretionary spending only amounts to 30% of the federal budget, and half that is defense spending. You could eliminate 100% of non-military discretionary spending and you wouldn’t even balance the budget, much less start reducing the federal debt.

People like Good throw out this nonsense to political partisans who don’t understand how the federal budget works and they eat it up. I’m not critical of the people who fall for this because they usually don’t know the facts, but I am critical of people like Good who know it’s just not true.