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Bolling: ‘When Shaun Hannity Calls You a Clown Show, You Have Lost Touch With Reality’

To the 20 right wing extremists who are holding up the election of a Speaker in the House of Representatives, when Sean Hannity calls you a “clown show” you have really lost touch with reality: Hannity Declares, ‘House Republicans Now Are on the Verge of Becoming a Total Clown Show’ After Doomed Speaker Votes. [1]

I served as a member of a legislative caucus for ten years. I know how they are supposed to work. You can have debates about who you want your party leaders to be, but you have those debates within the caucus. If you lose the caucus vote you move on. You don’t hold up the work of the entire legislative body, and in the process, make your caucus look like a “clown show.” When you do that, you are not principled, you are simply selfish.

If you are a Republican and you are concerned about the perception of your party by more moderate and independent voters, just blame this group. They are what’s wrong with the Republican Party, and they make the entire GOP look silly and incapable of leading.