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Saxman: Back from Turkey Day Edition

Published at The Intersection on December 2, 2022….

Let’s kickoff the return of The Intersection, by giving an “Awww, who’s adorable?” to Wall St. Journal columnist Joseph Epstein for his recent, We Need a Break From the Permanent Election Frenzy – A dispiriting midterm cycle has only just finished and the 2024 presidential race has already started. [1] Epstein begins his lamentation thusly:

Has there ever been an election so relentlessly dreary as the one we have just been through? The day after Election Day a cable-show panelist remarked that “there are only 727 days until the next election.” He laughed. I didn’t.

Isn’t he just so darn adorable? He gets the odd numbered years off and still has the temerity to whine.

Hey, Joe! Where you going with that pen in your hand? Come to Virginia and experience “The NeverEnding Campaign” where there are ZERO down days.

24/7/365 AND 366 in Leap Years! Why Leap Day? That’s Congressman Ben Cline’s birthday.

Mark the calendar – we are 200 days from the 2023 June Primary Day for the General Assembly and 340 days from Election Day!

In all seriousness, Virginia did lose a good man this week when Congressman Don McEachin passed away at age 61 due to cancer. Having served with McEachin in the Virginia House, I can attest to his fine nature and dedication to his principles. While I didn’t have the fortune to work with him directly on legislation, he was, without fail, a kind and thoughtful man who had deep respect for and from his colleagues. It was an honor to know him and I will remember him very fondly.

Don McEachin was a good, gentle, and kind man. Please keep his soul and his family in your prayers.

While it is still a tad early for candidates to publicly begin the process to replace McEachin, the private conversations will turn quickly to whether or not his wife, Colette, Richmond’s Commonwealth Attorney, decides to run for his seat in a special election.

Other candidates who have been mentioned but have not said, “No, thank you”, include Delegate Lamont Bagby and Senator Jennifer McClellan. The 4th Congressional District was won just a month ago by McEachin with 65% of the vote. It will again be represented by a Democrat.

Possibly a January 10th special election date could be held since that’s when the special election will be for Congresswoman – elect Jen Kiggans’ state Senate seat.

Here’s the 4th:


30% of the 4th is Richmond, 24% is Chesterfield, and 18% comes from Henrico.


Since I started this newsletter off with Mr. Epstein’s op-ed (bless his heart), let’s go to 2024.

HEY! Don’t you roll your eyes!

There is big news out there.

It looks like the Democrats are kicking the Iowa Caucuses to the curb and can you blame them? Google Iowa Caucus debacle. The Dems are going with a schedule of South Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia, and then Michigan. Temper tantrum in bound from the Granite State notwithstanding, Iowa is buh bye. Will it take out stupid ethanol policies too? Heavenly Father, we begin our prayers today with this one simple request…END ETHANOL. # SaveOurEngines

Hats off to Congressman Jim Clyburn for bringing home the campaign consultants’ cash flow/bacon. (Wanna earn 15% the HARD way?)

You Wanna Make 14 Dollars The Hard Way ::: Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) ::: Caddyshack - YouTube [3]
Clang Clang Clang Went The Trolley GIF - Clang Clang Clang Went The Trolley Judy Garland GIFs [4]


This calendar adjustment, if approved, all but clinches the nomination for President Biden should he officially run for re-election. Iowa’s caucuses pulled the party to the left and this will help create a better narrative for Biden with independents along with suburban swing voters in ‘24.

If we do experience a recession in 2023 as the inverted yield curve suggests…


h/t Current Market Valuation [6]

…in all likelihood we will be coming out of the ‘23 recession in ‘24 and Biden will have a growing economy at his back. Hey, it’s just the calendar folks…not a poll from Trafalgar. #StopLaughing

Meanwhile the GOP is going through their own After Action Underperformance Review. Former President Donald Trump is eerily quiet these days – recent dining companions notwithstanding. I mean…seriously?

Soldiers Facepalm GIF | GIFDB.com [7]

Another straight match up poll with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shows The Donald trailing. This time it’s from Pennsylvania (yes, the Land of Oz, Crudites, and New Jersey homes) where DeSantis lead D. Trump 45-40. [8]

YARN | There's no place like home. | The Wizard of Oz ... [9]

BUT that’s a straight up man One on One. There are too many good candidates on a deep Republican bench waiting to make a move should former President Trump decide not to run or even if he continues to fall in the Republican polls. While he could take the role of kingmaker, the expected loss by Herschel Walker next week (I told you I have scoop!) in Georgia could accelerate the Trump Slump.

POTUS candidates can wait a bit longer than one would normally think to officially declare their candidacies. It saves money and with today’s media reality you can build name ID and speculation at the same time. Digital ad buys, cable news appearances, along with other free and earned media opportunities can go a loooong way these days.

Don’t think so?

Q – How much Ron DeSantis has done outside Florida to be in this position?

A – Duh. Not much.

Waiting also doesn’t push away Trump voters…

BUT since we’re here and chatting about 2024, it’s time to fill out and share a very unscientific but also possibly very telling 2024 GOP Presidential Preference Survey:


No charge. YES! IT’S FREE!

Speaking of preferences, here’s the preferred menu from Casa de Saxman this Thanksgiving. All of these recipes went over VERY well this year.

Green Beans with Ginger and Garlic  [11]– key step here is the ice bath after blanching the beans! You need to stop the cooking to keep them crisp.

No Knead Dinner Rolls  [12]– key step here is trust the process. VERY GOOD.

Grandma Jeanette’s Amazing German Red Cabbage  [13]– probably the #1 dish of the meal. Food processor shredding of the cabbage really makes this work and I used two apples not one.

Sweet Baby Carrots [14] – easy way to add color to the plate with multi-colored baby carrots

Creamy Brussel Sprouts and Bacon Gratin with Shallots and Gruyere.  [15]Holy Comfort Food, Batman! Top with balsamic glaze and this thing is RIDICULOUS. Also, use aged gruyere of at least 12 months to bring out more flavor.

And we brined the turkey with Ree Drummond’s Favorite Turkey Brine [16]. The bird was then smoked. I much prefer a wet brine as it all but guarantees a moist breast even if you take it off the grill too late. *shhhh* My sister Kate reminded me to turn the bird upside down while it cooled. It was perfectly moist and DELICIOUS. Thanks, Kate.

One missing from the table this year was son in law Marine Sgt. Kyle Taylor who was under the weather BUT rallied to be on hand and on duty yesterday at the White House as President Biden welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron.

Nice little humblebrag there? YUP. Darn tootin’

Oo rah.

One of my favorite Christmas songs:


Bing once was an owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, so he’s extra cool.

But this one should be played LOUD!


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