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View From the Editor’s Desk: Thanksgiving Sorrow for Families of Gun Victims

As we enter the long Thanksgiving weekend, there are, sadly, families here in America who will be in mourning because of the gun culture that permeates our society.

This morning I woke before dawn and picked up my phone to read news clips as I do each morning only to be greeted with yet another mass shooting that occurred overnight right here in Virginia. Six dead at a WalMart in Chesapeake.

This is on top of a shooting 10 days earlier at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville that killed three members of the UVa football team and injured two classmates.

This on top of the Colorado Springs shooting four days ago of an LGBTQ night club that killed five and injured 19.

This on top of the May 2022 mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 20 elementary school children and two teachers were killed.

This on top of another May 2022 mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY, that killed 10 and injured three.

There’s a reason President George H.W. Bush, a World War II hero and a lifelong NRA member, quit the National Rifle Association [1] (NRA) in 1995.

God bless those families who are sitting down to a table this Thanksgiving with an empty chair.

This graphic pretty much sums up the past 25 years….


Thanksgiving: Bearing Drift is going to pause during this weekend of reflection. Politics has been extremely toxic for the past seven years and continues as we prepare to enter 2023. Just about everyone who spends much of their time involved in the political process is exhausted. I will be with my family talking with my adult children, playing board games, sharing cooking duties in the kitchen, and just enjoying being together. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Happy Thanksgiving and be well….