Election Day 2022

By the time we get to Election Day each year (because there’s an election every year in ye ol’ Commonwealth), political types are usually pretty exhausted.

I think it’s safe to say this year is no exception. Not to mention that politics in general has been exhausting for everyone the past six years.

You know the drill. In Virginia, the polls are open from 6am until 7pm. Vote at your usual location.

Approximately a million Virginians voted early. I was one of them and, thanks to recent changes in voting (change that resulted after Democrats gained control of the General Assembly), no-excuse absentee voting was enacted. Who cares why you want to vote early; just do it.

The wheels of change can move slowly in Virginia (like molasses in January, as my mom used to say).

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt laid it on the line this morning (Election Day is here):

Election Day has arrived. It is neither an ending nor a beginning. It is a moment in the constant unfolding drama of the experiment that began in Philadelphia in 1776.

There has never been a calm era in the American story. It is unlikely there ever will be. American politics is petty, divisive and irrational. It is dominated by the powerful and their interests at the expense of the national interest.

American politics will go further off the rails over the next years. There is turbulence and danger ahead. American politics has become filled with menace, insanity and violence. It is broken.

It is up to the American people to defend the United States from the dangers it faces, both internally and externally.


And that’s what it all comes down to.

Yesterday I stumbled upon notes taken at a local SWAC-GOP Breakfast in 2013. I don’t remember who was speaking but these were my notes of the speaker’s comments:

“It’s not about red, not about blue – it’s about the red, white, and blue. Don’t just vote Party line. Don’t look at the letter or the color … look at the candidate.”

That was 2013. For me, it still applies. Civility, respect, empathy, principles, character, truth, rule of law, and democracy. Disagree on policies; don’t disagree on humanity. And no election deniers.


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