View From the Editor’s Desk: Elections, Ukraine, Twitter, Masks

It’s November, the month of Thanksgiving and inner reflection. Oh, and Election Day is tomorrow. We’re most likely in for a doozy of an election this year and results may not immediately be known depending on localities. One pundit noted, “Election Day? More like Election week!”

Over the weekend Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, who co-chairs the January 6 Committee, endorsed U.S. House colleague Virginia Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger for the 7th Congressional District. Spanberger, who is running for her third term, had earlier received the endorsement of former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-VA 05).

Harassment-free elections are imperative in our country. Reports of armed vigilantes outside ballot drop-off areas filming or photographing voters are insane. This is America, people, not some third world country. Those who are intimidating voters should be removed from the premises pronto so kudos to the League of Women Voters for stepping to the plate on that issue.

A new poll shows almost half of Republicans now oppose U.S. aid to Ukraine. What happened since March when most and their churches were behind aid, sending messages of hope to families, and donating to Ukrainian aid? Since that war was Russia’s aggressive invasion of a peaceful nation, does that mean half of Republicans are on the side of the aggressor?

Meanwhile, I receive daily email updates from Ukraine about the war, casualties, help from other countries, and whatever important information is necessary for the world to hear. It’s not a good situation. While inflation is high in the U.S. (8.1%), Ukrainians are dealing with bombings, deaths, electrical outages, destroyed homes, destroyed medical facilities, lost jobs, lost family members, and abductions by Russians as Ukrainians are spirited into Russia, basically as POWs. Winter is coming and there is concern about heating, food, and healthcare. And an inflation rate that is 24.5 percent – three times what we’re dealing with.

I would rather take the eight percent inflation instead of an invasion by a foreign country that would most likely result in dead Americans and destroyed homes. Around the world (because inflation is a result of the global Covid pandemic), Turkey is battling 85 percent inflation. Eighty-five percent! It’s 10.1 percent in England, 10.8 percent in Sweden, 17.9 percent in Poland, 11.9 percent in Italy, 9.4 percent in Iceland, 10.1 precent in Hungary, 10.4 Germany, and 12.27 percent in Belgium. I support President Joe Biden’s humane help for an ally against our longtime enemy.

Mask update from Axios: “Authorities are warning of a ‘tripledemic‘ this winter: 1) Covid; 2) Flu; 3) Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).” We’re not past mask-wearing yet although most now do not wear them. When I stopped by CVS Pharmacy in September for the Covid booster and flu shot, the pharmacist administering shots didn’t wear a mask even though the online instructions suggested the public wear one. Those of us around family members and friends who have serious health issues always have a mask in our pockets. With the forecast of a tripledemic, masks will also help us stay healthy.

Everyone is all a-twitter about Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Some on the left are leaving, a reminder of the right-wing’s exit two years ago from Facebook. I’ve never been a fan of boycotts or mass exits so wasn’t about to leave Facebook then, and I’m not leaving Twitter now before knowing how it will be run under new ownership. It’s interesting to read others’ thoughts and opinions.

Conservative writer Tom Nichols over at The Atlantic put it well. Nichols, a self-described never-Trump conservative who left the GOP in 2018, wrote that he would not be leaving Twitter and gave his reasons (I’m Staying on Twitter).  Jennifer Rubin, a former conservative blogger (she says today’s GOP has ruined the word conservative) at the Washington Post, suggests Musk needs to learn that he needs Twitter users more than they need him (Why it’s time to leave Elon Musk’s Twitter). Over at The Bulwark, conservative writer and former Republican Charlie Sykes is trying to figure out what exactly it is that Musk is trying to do (Elon Musk, Savant Idiot?). 

Bottom line: We will all do what works best for each of us … and watch to see what happens to Twitter and Elon Musk.

And finally … did you know (if you’re not a fan of early Christmas music, stop reading now) Sirius XM’s Christmas music began last week with 22 channels? Find them all here. Fa la la la la!

Enjoy this beautiful autumn day, the last warm one for a while. Be well….


Photo: Augusta County, Va, farm with Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. November 6, 2022.

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